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Another citizen going the extra mile for puppy mill surviviors

This is Gracie whose breast cancer really saved her life.
This is Gracie whose breast cancer really saved her life.

Bonnie, from our area, has a history of rescuing dogs. She rescued a Maltese when she was 9 years old and had recently been dumped. It was evident that this dog was neglected and had suffered much abuse. This dog, Zoie, needed many surgeries when she came into Bonnie’s care. They lost this dog in October.

In November, realizing they now had some experience under their belt with raising senior dogs they adopted Gracie, she is an 11 year old Maltese. They got her through National Mill Dog Rescue. According to Bonnie, “It was this dog having breast cancer that saved her life.” She was no longer of any use to the disreputable puppy mill breeder, who only keeps dogs that can be bred for the umpteenth time. Bonnie stops here to praise the National Mill Dog Rescue, saying that she believes everything this organization stands for, “They are an amazing organization.”

Bonnie has a big heart and a real concern for shelter dogs needing rescuing also so she became a foster parent three weeks ago to Sadie. Another puppy mill survivor, she is 8 years old and has been much abused as well. Once again, many surgeries were needed including fixing a broken jaw that healed wrong when she was much younger.

Before fostering her, Sadie lived in a kennel for three months and was a fear biter and terrified of even being touched. Her biting was pretty ineffectual since Sadie has no teeth, a common problem with puppy mill dogs. After just three weeks, she is a very loving, smart girl and will be a wonderful family pet.

Bonnie already knows she will be heartbroken when Sadie finds a forever home, since she is the first dog she ever fostered. Since Bonnie is determined to help other dogs, Sadie will need to move on eventually.

Asking Bonnie, why she adopted rescue dogs she said, “I adopt rescue dogs because their lives are heart breaking to me. I want to rescue them all. I cannot believe in America, we should even allow puppy mills. I write our Senators and Congressmen because I know the only way to end puppy mills is through the law that is why I go directly to the law makers!” We admire her pursuing this course of action since laws much change to stop this problem.

Bonnie also summed up the plight of the puppy mill dogs, “The problems most puppy mill survivors have is endless. Most have been bred nearly to death, they usually always have to have their teeth removed, spayed or neutered, tumors, missing eye’s from looking at the power washer, broken feet from them getting caught in the wire raised floors they live in, heart worms, ticks & fleas and every imaginable disease there is because the breeders do not spend one cent on any medical care for them. Once rescued after 8, 10, 12 years in a puppy mill is the first time they have ever been touched by human hands. None of them know how to play; they have never walked on a solid surface or been in grass.”

Bonnie is exactly right and we should all feel a responsibility to have this situation stopped. Puppy mill dogs have an ally in Bonnie and we are all very glad that they do.

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