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Another casualty emerges for having support of traditional marriage

If you think the fallout over Prop 8 is over, you are so wrong.
If you think the fallout over Prop 8 is over, you are so wrong.

The thought police are at it again. In another sad episode of displaying a vindictive grudge, pressure was applied to Mazilla co-founder Brendan Eich who reportedly stepped down from his CEO position for the good of the company after employees and users complained about a $1000 donation supporting the passage of Proposition 8 in 2008.

Even though Prop 8 passed by a 52%-48% margin, people that provided money or support for Prop 8 are being retaliated against for merely exercising their constitutional right to disagree or support a majority position.

Originally labeled a marriage initiative to make marriage between one man and one woman the legal status for marriage in California, it was the rewording of Jerry Brown’s attorney general office that change the wording and focus where it stated, “makes gay marriage illegal”.

Supporters of Prop 8 were left in quandary due to the wording, either they had a choice of voting “no” which would place them in the position of being against their traditional marriage values, or voting yes would malign them as being against homosexual marriages. It is nearly impossible to fare well with any negative approach as the verbiage “makes gay marriage illegal” proved.

Emotionalism was so charged that people were ostracized for merely coming out and being for traditional marriage as the CEO of Chick-Fil-A found out.

The atmosphere against the supporters of traditional marriage was so poisoned that the CEO of Starbucks actually came out and said, “if you support traditional marriage, we don’t want your business”.

It is difficult to comprehend that a $1000 donation back in 2008 would still outrage employees and users to the point that if would force the co-founder of their company to step down for his executive position, particularly when gay marriage was never the focus of the original marriage petition. The idea to make gay marriage illegal was a position initiated by Jerry Brown’s attorney general office. Everyone else became stuck with it.

The vast majority of the population was birthed as the result of a traditional marriage and it seems targeting those voicing support for traditional marriage reeks in hypocrisy and self-hatred.

Mozilla Chairwoman Mitchell Baker offered a puzzling assessment for the departure of Fich when in an open letter on Thursday, April 3rd, she apologized for Mozilla’s actions for moving too slowly on the issue.

Although mentioning that Mozilla believes in equality and freedom of speech, there are clearly things employees are not allowed to express or support or it could cost them their position.

It is rumored that many have face retribution on the job for not having the proper position by supporting gay marriage. Fich may be the tip of the ice berg of others that have faced retaliation for not being “tolerant”.

One website called OKCupid posted a message telling users to not support CEO Fich of Mozilla, which makes Firefox, and use alternate browsers. It was during this backlash Fich decided to step down.

If OKCupid goes out of its way to sanction incorrect thinking, you can bet there are many others.

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