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Another Carbon-Copy Day On Monday

Highs and lows for Sunday
Highs and lows for Sunday
Scott Derek

Another day, same old story; we reached 67 at Philly International Airport this afternoon after we dealt with "self destructive sunshine". It was our second day in a row that we reached our convective temperature(the approximate temperature the surface must warm to in order for clouds to develop).

Our cold front from Friday will retrograde closer to the shore and provide some clouds on Monday

Overnight lows will be in the 40s with a mostly clear sky; Monday highs will be around 70 with sunshine giving way to clouds in the afternoon as Friday's cold front(that has been sitting offshore being blocked by another are of low pressure to its east) will retrograde toward the coast. There could be a spot sprinkle, but primarily to the north.

High pressure is in control on Tuesday so the day shall be sun-filled with highs in the middle 70s, but then we are overcast on Wednesday as a warm front tries to push northward; we will have light rain for the day, but then a chance of thunderstorms overnight as we get into the warm sector with lows in the middle 60s. This means that early Thursday we'll start off with showers and thunderstorms, but by the afternoon highs will be in the upper 70s.

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