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Another Bronx dogfighting victim gets adopted

Dee, victim of a Bronx dogfighting ring awaits her forever home
Dee, victim of a Bronx dogfighting ring awaits her forever home

From a basement of squalor in Bronx, NY, where she was routinely bred and made to fight with other dogs, to a foster home with children in upstate NY, to a leopard print bed in Massachusetts filled with dog toys and treats galore, Dior, a three year old pit bull, has found her forever home.

Dior, a victim of a Bronx dogfighting ring settles into her forever home
Courtesy of Jamie Clark

On June 14, 2008, Dior was rescued along with 15 other pit bulls and two roosters from the back yard of a house at 108 East 179th Street in the Tremont section of the Bronx that doubled as a dogfighting ring.

One dog that was badly hurt died on the way to a shelter, while the majority of the others were euthanized. Dior, along with two other dogs, Diana and Dee, were deemed savable and sent to a boarding facility in Montgomery, New York.

It was there that Krissie Buckley, President of Mountain Rottie Rescue, met Dior for the first time. “I was called in to evaluate and work with all three dogs,” said Ms, Buckley. “And I bonded with Dior.”

Ms. Buckley and her family opened up their home as a safe but temporary place for Dior to call her own. She was fostered for five months by the Buckley’s who have two young children, six dogs and two cats.

After being on for over a year, the Clark family of Buckland, Massachusetts would come to be the family that Dior would find refuge with for the rest of her years.

“I was the first person in her life she really knew. She came out of her shell with me, she became a dog with me. This is what we prepared for,” said Ms. Buckley when asked if it was a bitter sweet good-bye. “So no, I am thrilled for her.”

* Dior and Diana are in forever homes, but Dee is still searching for hers. To meet or adopt Dee, please contact Stephanie Palmer at:


  • lynn 5 years ago

    reedu this is a fantastic story! thank you for sharing it. i know of many similar stories where pit bulls were rescued. it is hard enough trying to get people to adopt puppy pits or even 1 yr old pits from the shelter where i volunteer, let alone older ones or ones saved from dog fighting rings, but the truth is, these are many times the most loyal , loving dogs who will love you even more for saving them!

  • Erin 5 years ago

    Such a great story. These poor dogs are forced to endure so much and then due to no fault of their own typically need to be euthanized. It is great to hear a happy ending!

  • Rebecca Novak, Atlanta Pet Health Examiner 5 years ago

    Wonderful story! I love to hear happy endings! Pit Bulls are amazing dogs.