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Another blow to Obamacare: Workforce participation will decrease by millions

Another blow to Obamacare
Another blow to Obamacare

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report on the budget and economy yesterday. What they previously thought would only be around 800,000 people participating less in the workforce has now changed to over 2 Million. Why will these people no longer be fully participating in the workforce? They will opt to work part-time to get Medicaid or Obamacare subsidized benefits or they will be forced to work part-time due to employers unable to afford to provide health insurance. Many able-bodied workers will drop out of the workforce altogether. In any case, this is a huge blow to the economy overall. Millions of people having less money to spend in the economy will wreak havoc. Businesses depend on consumer demand to expand and grow. Fewer jobs will be created and more people will be dependent on the government.

In a time when people are desperately seeking full-time work, this is surely another blow to Obamacare. There are millions who have dropped out of the workforce because they have given up and millions who are currently underemployed or working part-time because they have no other options. This new information doesn’t given much ‘hope or change’ to these people. And what does it say about the future of this country? The economy will be hurt by this. People will be more dependent on the government and taxpayers. Another problem is there will be less taxes going into the government coffers because businesses won’t be earning as much and neither will taxpayers.

While this isn’t a surprise to many who have been following the Obamacare debacle from the beginning, it seems to have surprised some Democrats who pushed and voted for Obamacare as they try to make ‘excuses’ for this new, painful discovery:

  • Democrat Senator Harry Reid called this new found projection – ‘Free Agency’. Yes free agency to work less while depending on the taxpayers to foot your health insurance bill. What about the millions who actually want to work full-time Harry?
  • White House pushes back on CBO (after touting their previous reports). The White House usually points to the CBO when it has what they deem as positive outcomes for Obamacare but this time they are pushing back. Truth is not their friend and never has been.
  • Supposedly Representative Carol Shea-Porter told Obama that she wants to see people who are responsible for the Obamacare debacle resign. Both Shea-Porter and Senator Shaheen should be on the top of the list, including every single Democrat who voted for this behemoth mess that is hurting Granite Staters, all Americans and ultimately the economy.

None of this comes as a surprise to the millions who fully read and understood Obamacare back in 2009 when the legislation was first released. The majority of people in the country and especially in New Hampshire have always been opposed to Obamacare yet Democrats like Shaheen and Shea-Porter voted for this regardless. Shaheen had the nerve in an interview over the weekend to say that people who lost their doctors shouldn’t mind paying more to keep them. Both Shaheen and Shea-Porter 100% stand by their votes for Obamacare. Representative Kuster also supports Obamacare. Ironic that even if Shaheen and Shea-Porter are rightfully fired by Granite Staters, taxpayers will still be paying their pensions and health insurance, even though thanks to Obamacare, there will be less taxpayers and less tax revenues to cover them.

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