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Another Black History Month event reports a stereotyped menu

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Reported today Feb. 15, Drake University is coming under fire for serving a tacky dinner menu during a celebration for Black History Month.

It seems a group of students raised issue with the dinner items served at an event they hosted. President of the Coalition of Black Students, Tess Montgomery, said some of the African-American students who attended were totally uncomfortable and ashamed when their dinners included fried chicken and collard greens.

Montgomery said, the menu did nothing but promote stereotypes.

However, the University replied, stating the food was not planned by them, it was by an off campus food service provider, Sodexo. The school was very apologetic and said, the event had good intentions but the end result was a total disaster.

Sodexo said, they are willing to plan another dinner with the student group and they are deeply sorry of the outcome.

This isn’t the first controversial menu to come under fire for a 2014 Black History Month celebration. On Feb. 6, it was reported that, Carondelet High School for Girls in Concord lunch menu came under scrutiny, after serving fried chicken, watermelon, and cornbread. Not only did the students become highly offended but so did some parents.

After questions were raised with the school, like Drake University, Carondelet High School replied but in an assembly where they apologized to everyone.

The high schools principal had replied, the school does not stand by highlighting racial stereotypes.

With more than 12 days left in February, let’s hope the future of Black History Month menus will be thoughtful toward breaking down racially charged stereotypes instead of preserving them.



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