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Brandonlyn Nunley of Sibley, Iowa is proceeding with a criminal complaint against Iowa State Patrol Officer Nicholas Erdmann, badge number 41, for his unprovoked brutal arrest of her for a seat belt violation.

The video is posted at It shows the stop, some conversation, the officer first grabbing Brandonlyn's cell phone, and the officer yanking her out of the car, spinning her around, forcing her down on the gravel face down, with his knee on her back and shouting 18 times to this 5'-1", 115 lb woman to put her hands behind her back so he can cuff her as if he needed his knee on her back that long to overpower her hands, although there wasn't much other place for her hands to go but behind her back.

Later the officer gives three different versions of what happened, to backup policemen, in which he accuses her of being the aggressor.

The description accompanying the Youtube video includes highlights from the timeline so you can jump to the above dramatic events instead of waiting through the half hour unedited police video.

Below is her criminal complaint, which is simply a description by Brandonlyn of what happened, with a list of the Iowa laws which Iowa State Patrol Officer Nicholas Erdmann violated. Below that is a complete transcript of the video, showing the hour, minute and second marks where each sentence occurred. The time indications display on the police video.


Complainant: Brandonlyn Brooke Nunley, driver

Defendant: Nicholas Erdmann, Iowa State Patrol
Officer, Badge Number 41

Date of the crime: September 16, 2012 at approximately 5 PM.

Location of the crime: East side of Paullina, on highway 10, in O'Brien
County, Iowa.

Reason for police Traffic stop for investigation of an alleged seat
intervention: belt violation:


Just prior to 5 PM, September 16, 2012, Iowa Patrol Officer Nicholas Erdmann travelled west bound on Highway ten in Paullina, Iowa. I travelled east bound. The trouper's dashboard video camera shows that from the first sight of my van four seconds elapsed before Officer Erdmann passed my car. He u-turned and gave chase. I pulled well off of the highway ten, 43 seconds after the officer first sighted my car. The traffic stop for an alleged seat belt violation took 30 minutes and backup officers summoned by the officer.

Officer Erdmann conducted an investigation with me, for 3 minutes 17 seconds to check insurance, licensure, identity and registration. I was fully cooperative, responsive and courteous. At no time did I touch or physically contact with the officer. In 1 minute 11 seconds the officer was able to verify that the information was valid and my record was OK: 10-74. The officer reported later: "... the information she gave was actually correct sure 'nuff - photo ID and everything". With a total of 4 minutes and 11 seconds in questioning and verifying, the officer had all of the information he was authorized to gather to complete investigation of an alleged seat belt violation.

The officer, rather than to conclude the traffic stop decided to expand it. It was his intention to part me from my vehicle, from my child and from my cell phone. He asked me to phone the owner of the vehicle on my cell phone. While I was dialing, the officer reached into my vehicle and grabbed the phone. The officer reported to a backup officer: "She won't give it to me so I take it from her". When asked to return the phone the officer replied: "No, I'm goin' to hang on to this 'til we're done."

Erdmann made extensive efforts to get me removed from my vehicle and to sit in his car or stand at the back of my car. I did not want to leave my two year old alone in the van. Erdmann had no independent, specific articulable fact that would warrant heightened caution to justify ordering me from my child and my car. Erdmann supported his idea of separation by reporting to backup officers. I wanted to see who she is." "So I'm goin' to see if I can find out who she is." "I wanta to see who she is cause.". He told me " I don't want you in the car - you're makin' me super nervous .".

When Iowa State Patrol Officer Nicholas Erdmann's orders to leave my car and my child were resisted he chose to engage in clearly unjustifiable, malicious, unilateral violent physical combat in violation of my personal liberty interests, wholly indifferent to my personal welfare interests and that of my son. Erdmann chose to fabricate my involvement as aggressively pushing, grabbing and shoving him. The dashboard video, a true and accurate witness, revealed beyond a reasonable doubt that no such behavior on my part took place.

When I hesitated to obey Iowa State Patrol Officer Nicholas Erdmann's orders to leave my car and my child he chose to engage in clearly unjustifiable, malicious, unilateral violent physical combat in violation of my personal liberty interests, wholly indifferent to my personal welfare interests and that of my son. Erdmann chose to fabricate my involvement as aggressively pushing, grabbing and shoving him. The dashboard video, a true and accurate witness, revealed beyond a reasonable doubt that no such behavior on my part took place.

Erdmann's physical attack was an unprovoked, irrational, violent, unreasonable, excessive use of force which extended far beyond the officer's delegated authority, discretion and the scope of an alleged seat belt investigation. The attack resulted in severe pain, physical injury and trauma shock. As a result of the criminal incident my son exhibited clearly discernible ill effects of the officer's misconduct.

In the course of questioning I gave the officer my correct date of birth. He asked my age and I told him, 34 which is a substantially correct for a person 33 years 9 months old. He treated my response as a critical discrepancy, and commented: "Doesn't add up." Erdman later on reported. "So I am a little suspicious there."

There was no further inquiry pursuant to investigation of the alleged seat belt violation. The dashboard cam recorded no hint of arrest at the scene. Officer said he would finish his paperwork

Count 1 - Child Endangerment
Officer Erdmann neglected to secure the vehicle where my toddler was seated absent care and supervision at the time I was attacked and taken into custody. The officer left the door of my van open. The van was a few feet from Iowa highway 10 which had significant truck traffic. The child was without competent protective supervision for a period in excess of seven minutes. A two year old child cannot provide the requisite supervision, caution and protection. This could have precipitated a tragedy had the child attempted to exit the van and seek his mother. The officer had a sworn duty to provide a modicum of safety for both mother and child. He failed to accept responsibility and failed in his duty to orderly comply.

Officer Nicholas Erdmann was the only unencumbered adult person at the scene during the police assault. The officer acted to incapacitate me as a parent from maintaining custody, care, control and supervision of my toddler. His adult presence at the scene gave him a responsibility to provide close supervision of the child at the scene. Erdmann neglected his duty to supervise an otherwise abandoned child, for which abandonment he was solely responsible.

Nicholas Erdman is a person who has undertaken or assumed temporary supervision of a child or such a minor without explicit consent from the parent or guardian of the child or minor. Iowa
Code Section 726.6(3)(b). Officer Erdmann acted in a manner which disregarded proper supervision of a minor transferred to his care and jeopardized the child's safety while the toddler was outside the immediate care, control and custody of his mother. In violation of Iowa Code Section 726.6.1(f), Nicholas Erdmann failed to close the door of the van in which a toddler was seated and did abandon the child or minor to fend for the child or minor's self, knowing that the child or minor was unable to do so.

Count 2 - Theft of property
In the absence of provocation, Officer Erdmann reached into my vehicle and seized a cell phone from my hand and refused my request to return it. Erdmann demanded that I give him my vehicle ignition keys. The officer had no authority to seize the cell phone or to seek possession of the keys. Investigation of a seat belt violation did not support a need of the officer to possess the driver's cell phone. The officer deprived me of the use of my phone at a time when I considered it important. When the officer was asked to return the cell phone. Erdman responded "I'm goin' to hang on to this 'til we're done."

In reaching into my van and grabbing a cell phone from my hand, Officer Nicholas Erdmann did take possession or control of the property of another, or property in the possession of another, with the intent to deprive the other thereof, in violation of Iowa Code Section 714.1(1). Erdmann's conduct is in violation of my fourth amendment right to protection from illegal search and seizure.

Count 3 - Physical assault and battery with injury
Having given a full and correct name and spelling it and giving date of birth, Erdman continued to conduct further inquiry. He moved from the right side of my van to the driver's door. He demanded that I leave my child and go to his car. He indicated that he needed to know more about me. "I don't want you in the car".

In the absence of threat, probable cause or other provocation, Officer Nicholas Erdman tackled me and threw me to the ground. At that time I reached for my cell phone that the officer had dropped. I wanted to call for help. The phone was close by. He jammed his knee into my neck and back and inflicted pain. My face sustained injury requiring treatment. He put his knee in my lower neck. He kept rubbing my face in the gravel. At this same time, I saw him rub his knuckles into the gravel for some reason. He then picked me up like a rag doll as backup officers approached.

At the time of the physical assault, the officer had gathered a picture id, licensing information and other paperwork. He was advised by radio that I was 10-74: No record. I noted that the paperwork I had submitted for identification was strewn about the side of the highway and drifting in the wind.

In violation of Iowa Code Section 708.1, Officer Erdman did commit an assault when he reached with his hand into my van in an effort to commit an act which is intended to place another in fear of immediate physical contact which will be painful, injurious, insulting, or offensive, coupled with the apparent ability to execute the act.

FURTHER, in violation of Iowa Chapter Section 708.4(2)
Erdman, without justification, committed an act of willful Injury when he engaged in a forcible unilateral physical take down, resulting in severe pain and injury to my face. My injuries were treated and documented by photographs and reports of emergency personnel and subsequent treatment at a clinic.

Count 4 - Officer Erdmann used excessive and unreasonable force in
his investigation and traffic stop detention.
In his conduct of a traffic stop, Erdmann exceeded the limits of his authority and training related to the scope and nature of a seat belt traffic stop . Once a motorist is halted and proper license, insurance and identification had been fully established the officer's authority to gather evidence of any alleged seat belt violation had ceased. There was no further need to pursue the matter. Officer Erdmann chose to expand the traffic stop to a serious matter including a brutal physical attack, inordinate detention and jailing of the motorist, the disposition of her child and the arrangement for removal of her van. The officer chose to expand the violation to include interference of official acts causing injury. The official acts taken by the officer were illegal, inappropriate and excessive official conduct far outside the scope of his authority. Physical attack, inordinate detention and jailing of a driver is not a reasonable and necessary part of law enforcement rising from a seat belt allegation.

In violation of Iowa Code Section 704.1 Erdmann used extreme force exceeding " that force and no more which a reasonable person, in like circumstances, would judge to be necessary to prevent an injury or loss and can include deadly force if it is reasonable to believe that such force is necessary to avoid injury or risk to one's life or safety or the life or safety of another, or it is reasonable to believe that such force is necessary to resist a like force or threat."

Count 5 - Malicious prosecution
In violation of Iowa code section 720.6, Nicholas Erdman entered a
sworn-to statement
(a) Officer initiated a criminal charge for a public offense: interference with official acts.
(b) Stated that the motorist, "...pushed" , "she shoved me," "she grabs on".
(c) Stated that "Officer suffered several cuts to his knuckles."
No reasonable grounds were offered to demonstrate that the driver interfered with acts of the officer or contributed to physical contact or inflicted injury. A dashboard video recording of the incident reveals no physical contact was initiated by the driver as alleged in the officer's sworn-to affidavit. The record shows no evidence of treatment or other evidence of "cuts to his knuckles" alleged by the officer, although if there were cuts to his knuckles, that would certainly be accounted for by him grinding his knuckles into the gravel while his knee was on my neck. The officer had no reasonable grounds for believing that the defendant interfered with the conduct of any lawful act in which he was engaged and further presented no evidence of bodily injury to his person.

A person who causes or attempts to cause another to be indicted or prosecuted for any public offense, having no reasonable grounds for believing that the person committed the offense commits a serious misdemeanor, in violation of Iowa Code Section 720.6.

Count 6 - Perjury
Officer Nicholas Erdman, informed law enforcement and the court system regarding a knowing and deliberate fabrication concerning his belief of a prima facia case of (a) knowingly interfering with the conduct of an arrest (b) battery to his person by pushing him and (c) injury his knuckles. The video created by a dashboard camera reveals by clear and convincing evidence that Officer Erdman statements and accusations are contradicted with unmistakable, reliable and substantial visual evidence.

A person who, while under oath or affirmation in any proceeding or other matter in which statements under oath or affirmation are required or authorized by law, knowingly makes a false statement of material facts or who falsely denies knowledge of material facts commits a class "D" felony. The officer's malicious fabrication of a pushing incident and injury to his knuckles constitutes perjury, a felony under statute, Iowa Code Section 720.2.

Count 7 - Violation of Privacy
Under the direction of officer Erdmann, the driver's vehicle was searched absent consent, exigent circumstances, clear reason or warrant. That search determined that there was a hammer beneath the driver's seat. Erdmann alleged that the hammer had been known to him and that he was apprehensive about being attacked with it. (By a 5'-1", 115 lb woman seated in a car with a closed door.)

The driver had a reasonable expectation of privacy free of intrusion. The officer exceeded the scope of investigation. No further evidence of a seat belt violation was to be found either on the person or in the passenger compartment of the car. It is far more egregious to perform a search if the pursuit exhibited an effort to find violations beyond the seat belt violation or to find justification for inappropriate actions of the law enforcement officer. The search here was clearly unjustified. The search was in violation of the 4th amendment of the United States Constitution and the Iowa Constitution, which serve to guarantee protection from unwarranted and an unreasonable search.

I ask that my complaint bring about the filing of criminal charges and appropriate indictment and prosecution, without delay, immediately, against Iowa Highway Patrol Officer 41, Nicholas Erdmann. I further ask that Nicholas Erdmann be jailed under full bond and suspended from employment pending outcome of this matter.

The statements contained in this verified complaint are true and correct, as I verily believe.

Brandonlyn Brooke Nunley

Sibley, IA 51249


Subscribed and sworn to before me this the ______ day of July 2014


Minute by minute chronology of the events of September 16, 2012

Time is 24 hour clock HOURS: MINUTES:SECONDS
Video is a copy of a dashboard camera production

16:39:17 Video shows driver's vehicle approaching eastbound on Hwy 10
16:39:21 Patrol car and driver's car pass each other.
16:39:27 Police car traveled westbound hwy 10 then u-turned and gave
16:39:48 Trooper radioed in license 341 CCJ as 341 Charles Charles
George - no response. The officer's communication was wrong.
16:40:04 Driver stopped well off the highway.
16:40:27 Officer Nicholas Erdmann #41 approached on the passenger
16:40:31 Officer: Hi there Iowa State Patrol Your seat belt wasn't on.
16:40:31 Officer: Any reason why it wasn't on?
16:40:38 Officer: (garbled) I wanted to be sure it wasn't on.
16:40:41 Officer: After I turned around, you put it on.
16:40:50 Officer: Do you have registration, license and insurance?
16:41:12 Driver: This is my friend's vehicle Steve Ludwick
16:41:18 Officer: Any reason why your seat belt wasn't on?
16:41:21 Driver I just pull out of my mom and dad's house and I put it on
16:41:42 Officer: Do you have identification of any kind?
16:42:23 Driver: gave each of her names and spelled them and gave her
date of birth.
16:42:35 Officer: How old are you.
16:42:35 Driver: 33 - 34
16:42:43 Officer: What is your social security number (it was given)
16:42:50 Officer: What is your date of birth?
16:42:50 Driver: 1-7-79
16:43:02 Officer: You say you're 34?
16:43:02 Driver: Yes
16:43:06 Officer: Not quite addin' up.
16:43:15 Officer: When people tell me how old they are and their date of
birth don't match ....
16:43:19 Officer: I told my friend 33 - I wasn't countin' the years. My
birthday is 1-7-79. (Driver's age is 33 years 9 months).
16:43:48 Officer: Why don't you come back there with me
16:44:01 Officer points: front seat there for me. me -front seat front seat
front seat
16:44:02 Driver: Oh wait wait
16:44:15 Driver: I don't feel safe comin' back there - sorry
16:44:19 Driver returns to her car and child.
16:44:19 Officer stepped to the driver's door
16:44:21 Officer: Can we call Steve for me? I'd like to talk to him
(Steve Ludwig registered owner of the vehicle)
16:44:37 Driver: Hold on Hold on Just a moment oh my goodness
16:44:39 Officer reached into the car to seize the cell phone and grabbed
it from the driver's hand
16:44:44 Officer: Stop I don't want you telling him anything you're makin'
me real fishy
16:44:48 One ring was heard from the cell phone
16:45:11 Driver: Can I call my dad? He's right down here at Mill Creek.
16:45:15 Officer: No, not right now.
16.44:37 Officer: Come stand at the back of your car.
16:45:18 Officer: You're makin' me kinda nervous
16:45:20 Driver: I'm sorry I'm disabled I'm scared I'm just real scared
16:45:24 Officer: You're more than just a little scared of me.
16:45:29 Officer: My radars goin' on in the back of my head like
16:45:30 Officer something might not be right
16:45:31 Officer: I don't want a bunch of people down here right now
16:45:34 Officer: What I'll have you do is come stand at the back of your
car - stand at the back of my car
16:45:40 Driver: I don't want to get out of my car right now.
16:45:44 Driver: Could I please have my phone back?
16:45:44 Officer: No, I'm goin' to hang on to this 'til we're done.
16:45:45 Officer: Just stand back here Just come have a seat
16:45:56 Driver closed door, locked the door, turned ignition key to roll up
16:45:58 Officer: OK will you at least hand me your car keys then?
16:46:05 Officer reached inside the window to unlock the door.
16:46:06 Officer: Stop stop stop
16:46:06 Driver: no, no, no, no, no this is not legal
16:46:11 Officer radioed for backup:
41 Can you see if Paullina has a officer
16:46:13 Officer pulled the cell phone to his left so driver could not grab it
16:46:13 Officer spread his feet widely apart.
16:46:16 Officer and driver standing and facing east.
16:46:16 Officer wraps his arm around driver's head and right shoulder
16:46:18 Officer: Come here come here
(Officer spreads his feet widely apart)
16:46:18 Officer wrapped both arms around the driver and caused both to
spin around twice and the driver was forced to the
gravel, face first.
16:46:22 Officer: Now put your hand behind your back
16:46:23 Officer: Lay down on your stomach
16:46:23 Officer: Put your hands behind your back
(officer screamed this 18 times louder and louder)
16:46:24 Officer placed his left knee on driver's neck
16:46:31 Officer made a radio call - reported (garbled) 4910
16:43:33 Officer: Don't reach don't reach
16:46:34 Officer: Lay on your stomach - lay on your stomach don't reach
16:46:45 Officer put his left knee into the driver's back
16:46:58 Officer sat straddling driver's head.
16:47:25 16:47:48 Passerby stopped to assist officer
16:47:47 Officer radioed: one in custody
16:47:58 Driver was pulled up to her feet -
16:47:58 Officer: stand up for me stand up stand up stand up.
16:48:03 Officer abandoned the van with the driver door open close to
the highway and toddler on board.
16:48:06 Officer: Go ahead have right up here seat on my car.
Have a seat on my car
16:48:20 Officer paid no attention to registration and
insurance papers which blew onto the highway.
16:48:31 Officer adjusted his hat
16:48:31 Officer rubbed his hands together on two occasions
(No indication of reported cuts to his knuckles)
16:48:38 Officer peers to the west and pauses then ushered
driver to a law enforcement car outside camera range
16:48:43 Officer: I'm goin' to put you back to his car here
16:48:46 Officer with both hands grabbed one arm of the driver
(no sign of injury to officer's knuckles.)
16:48:46 Officer: We're goin' back to his car go back to his car
16:48:50 Officer: Anything in your pocket?
16:49:11 Officer: What's in your front pocket? - you reached for something
what's in there?
16:50:12 Officer to backup: She got real hinky... she's goin' to jail.
16:50:12 Officer: There's a child in the car. I wanted to see who she is.
16:50:23 Officer: She was getting real hinky you know.
16:50:26 Backup: She is that way years ago she had a car accident
and it scrambled . . . Officer interrupted backup.
16:50:31 Officer: I asked her to step out of her car
16:50:34 Officer: She wouldn't come back to my car
16:50:34 Officer: So I asked her to step out - I wanted to see who she is
16:50:38 Officer: She wasn't sure about everything.
16:50:42 Officer: So I asked her to step out - just have a seat back there.
16:50:43 Officer: I didn't want her takin' off and gettin' real hinky.
16:50:45 Officer: She tried to shut the door roll the windows up.
16:50:47 Officer: She won't give me the keys.
16:50:48 Officer: I asked her to step out
She gave me date of birth and the age didn't match up.
She wasn't sure about everything
So I asked her to step out -
I didn't want her takin' off and getting real hinky.
She tried to shut the door roll the window up
she won't give me the keys.
I asked her to step out -

16:50:49 Officer: She grabs on - she pushes me and then down we go.
16:50:53 Officer: She's a strong little thing.
16:50:57 Officer: So I'm goin' to see if I can find out who she is.

16:51:19 Officer radioed I have a 10-28 plates:
341 Charles Charles John for I D
16:52:30 Radio reply info valid - licensed driver 10-74 OK
reply: no record or warrant
(Note: radio communication worked better because the officer
read the and transmitted license plate info correctly)

16:53:50 Officer: O how are you?
16:53:50 Backup: What's goin' on
16:53:55 Officer: A oh a little tussle there
16:53:57 Backup: What happened?
16:54:01 Backup: Oh Brandonlyn Nunley? Go figure
16:54:03 Officer: ya ya I never met her before
16:54:04 Officer: babbling I asked her how old are you 34
16:54:06 Officer: She gave her date of birth 1-7-79 its not matchin' up
16:54:10 Backup:Ya
16:54:12 Officer: She was makin' real hinky a little nervous
16:54:13 Officer: Why don't you come back to my car with me
16:54:14 Officer: She gets about half way back and said
16:54:16 Officer: I don't really want to go back
16:54:18 Officer: ok you know you know
16:50:20 Officer: I can understand - Go back to your car
16:54:21 Officer: I tried to call the registered owner of the car to see who
she is.
16:54:27 Officer: I said get Steve on the phone and call him up
she said OK.
16:54: Officer: go ahead hand me the phone once it starts to ring
16:54:32 She won't give it to me so I take it from her
16:54:33 Nothin' happens
16:54:36 Officer: OK Why don't you step on back and stand at the
back of your car
16:54:39 Officer: I don't want you in the car -
you're makin' me super nervous
16:54:41 Officer: No I want to sit here.
16:54:42 Officer: OK hand me your keys
16:54:43 Officer: Shuts the door tries to roll the window up on me.
16:54:47 Officer: I think she's goin' to take off.
16:54:48 Officer: So I open the door - pull her out
16:54:51 Officer: She starts a shovin' me We go to the ground.
16:54:56 Officer: and it was a little bit struggle to get cuffs on her
a passerby ended up helpin' me.
16:55:00 Officer: I cuffed one hand she kept movin'
16:55:02 Officer: She reached for something in her pocket
there was nothin' in there.
16:55:05 Officer: So I put her on the ground
Officer: She's goin' for interference, at least
16:55:11 Officer: Her dad is supposedly at Mill Creek
16:55:14 Officer: She's got a kid in the car
We're tryin' to get him down to pick the car and the kid
up I'll take her to jail
16:55:41 Backup 74?
16:55:47 Officer: Ya she came back 74.
16:55:55 Backup: I know her from way back
16:56:00 Officer: Oh you was tellin' me she had a car accident now she's
got something got something goin' on in her head?
16:56:07 Officer: Thanks for comin'.

Call to vehicle Owner:

16:59:24 Officer: Right now interference with official acts
16:59:28 Officer: Well she pushed me and then she resisted arrest
well she was placed in hand cuffs.
16:59:43 Officer: Do you need an ambulance for the cut on your head?
16:59:51 Officer: Could you send out a fire department for lacerations for
the forehead of the individual - she requested it.
17:00:12 Backup: He's wondering if you want the car searched?
17:00:16 Backup: He found a hammer under the front seat there.
17:00:17 Officer: I actually saw a hammer
17:00:35 Officer: Are you seein' anything else in plain view other than
the hammer which I saw?
17:00:46 Officer: I was worried there would reach for it actually.
17:00:50 Officer: I'm goin' to get to work on paper work
17:01:59 Officer: I stopped this gal no seat belt
no license its not her car
17:02:05 Officer: She gave date of birth January of 79.
17:02:08 Officer: She says she was 34 years old. Doesn't add up.
17:02:12 Officer: So I am a little suspicious there.
17:02:13 Officer: acting kinda hinky there you know.
17:02:14 Officer: I wanted to know what was goin' on.
17:02:16 Officer: She's got a young child in the car.
17:02:19 Officer: asked her come back to my car
17:02:22 Officer: She gets about three quarters of the way back
17:02:23 Officer: then freaks out and says I not I'm not goin'
I not goin' I'm not goin'.
17:02:25 Officer: that's ok ok ok no problem
17:02:26 Officer: have a seat up to the car
17:02:28 Officer: I wanta to see who she is cause
17:02:30 Officer: date of birth and age don't hang out
17:02:33 Officer: I asked her to call the person who owns
17:02:34 Officer: the car she said OK
17:02:35 Officer: she calls him - she won't hand me the phone
17:02:36 Officer: so I take the phone - no answer
17:02:42 Officer: I'm in my car
Narrative interrupted
17:02:00 Officer: (garbled
17:03:25 Officer: nothin' happened OK
17:03:27 Officer: I asked her to step to the back of her car
17:03:35 Officer: she slammed the door tried to roll the window up
17:03:36 Officer: I asked her for the keys
17:03:38 Officer: I thought she was goin' to take off
17:03:40 Officer: So I opened the door grab on to her
17:03:41 Officer: there's a hammer seen right under the driver's seat
17:03:43 Officer: grab her
17:03:46 Officer: she pushes me we go to the ground
17:03:48 Officer: she reaches for somethin' in her left pocket
17:03:49 Officer: I don't know what it is
17:03:50 Officer: long story short, I put her on the ground
17:03:56 Officer: she got a scratch mark on her forehead
17:03:58 Officer: I got those, so
17:04:00 Officer: she's goin' for interference, at least
17:04:44 Officer: Well. the information she gave was actually correct
17:04:46 Officer: sure 'nuff photo ID and everything
17:05:03 Officer: I don't know why she got the way she did.

17:12:51 Dashboard camera ceased.

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