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Another Atheist gives up the ghost: on the “Atheism just is” approach

Another Atheist gives up the ghost, on the “Atheism just is” approach
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For some time now a certain sect of Atheists have grown increasingly, and refreshingly, tired of the New Atheism prompted definition of Atheism as a “lack of belief in god(s).” Some come right out and affirm a positive affirmation of God’s non-existence and yet, they instantly grow tired of being asked that troublesome question, “Where is your evidence? Please prove it.”

One of very many promulgations by the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Atheism bus ads/billboards that reads:

Atheist ads target valley residents at Christmas Las Vegas, NV - Atheism has launched a Christmas ad campaign and it’s raising eyebrows Clear Channel owns the billboards and removed that Santa version after just a few days, citing too many complaints. But two other ads, ‘Reason’s Greetings’ and ‘Heathen’s Greetings,’ have been allowed to stay.”

I posted a comment stating:

“How long will the FFRF go on positively affirming God’s non-existence without evidence?

Is this not what they condemn as “faith”?

They are doing it this year and they did it last year: [to which there is now an addendum].”

The response was:

“And.. we will continue to speak out, becoming more publicly and more vehemently opposed to this ridiculous delusion that serves only to erode rational thought, personal responsibility and the peace and security of all citizens. A more correct term is anti-theist. There is no theism involved. There is no faith involved. There was no historical figure named Jesus nor is there an invisible man living in the sky. This does not require faith to understand, only rational thought.”

Agreeing (to some extent) I wrote:

“Let us pray that Atheists will continue speaking out as loudly and often as possible as nothing discredits Atheism like having Atheists express themselves.

Gone are the days of shying away from claiming that God does not exist because that would require proof. Now it is simply left to ‘I believe that God does not exist, so it must be true.’

Keep up the good work of self-refuting Atheism.”

More affirmation of just believe it-ism came about:

“You are right, but for the wrong reasons. As you say ‘Gone are the days of shying away from claiming that God does not exist’. This is true. The tyranny of the irrational can no longer be tolerated. The burden of proof rests with those making the claim. There is no more proof for the existence of a god than there is that I am the reincarnation of Mahandas Gandhi. I cannot prove it and you cannot disprove it. It’s a silly assertion with an easy and hollow defense designed to confuse the gullible. The fact that something is so unrealistic that it defies proof, both positive and negative, serves only to prove that it is unrealistic.”

So I noted:

“Pardon my delay as the holy days kept me happily busy and this new year is doing likewise. Interesting to learn that the neo-Atheist position is that Atheism is excluded from the realm of making an argument in its favor. I suppose that for evidence I would begin considering this parsed essay which considers the Invisible Pink Unicorns, the Flying Spaghetti Monster and God.

Well, that was the end of it and a good example of the approach that asserts the “logic” that if you presuppose positive Atheism then positive Atheism must be true.

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