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Another approach to dog training


Rick and Karen Edstrom

The most commonly known training systems are based on either treats or physical corrections. There is, however, another option. It comes from Australia and is rapidly gaining in popularity in the States – Bark Busters.

Bark Busters training sets the owner up as the pack leader, regardless of the age of the dog. According to Rick Edstrom, a local Schaumburg trainer, 95% of all behavioral problems are leadership issues, and with the Bark Busters method of training, most dogs respond very quickly – even where other programs have failed.

Training is based on communication with the dog, using body language, tone of voice, and a good knowledge base of dog psychology. Since dogs are pack animals, they instinctively look for a pack leader. If nobody in their ‘pack’ – your household – steps up, the dog will assume pack leadership. So while you may think that your dog is better behaved than the one next door, if they don’t see you as a leader, they will think they are.

What could be even better than learning a method to train your dog quickly? How about a guarantee? Bark Busters offers a lifetime support guarantee, whether you stay in the same neighborhood or move to a new area. The guarantee goes with the dog, for the life of the dog.  The guarantee does require the owner to practice with their dog and follow Bark Busters’ instructions, but if the pooch stops responding or develops another issue, they are there to help. And with 250 trainers in the United States and more trainers in 10 other countries, chances are good that there is a trainer near you.

The company is called Bark Busters, and the people in Schaumburg to know are Rick Edstrom and Chris Guth. To find the trainer in your zip code, go to or by phone at 1-877-500-BARK.


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