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Another Ant-Man Villain Rumor:The Notorious Yellow Jacket?

Pym's alias is rumored to be the villain to the upcoming Ant-Man film
Pym's alias is rumored to be the villain to the upcoming Ant-Man film
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Yesterday, rumors began to circle on just who could be the villain for the upcoming Ant-Man film. Speculation suggested that the villains would be Darren and William Cross; with Corey Stoll and Patrick Wilson playing the antagonists. However, according to a new rumor, that may not be the case. A report from Badass Digest states that the villain to film will not be either name mention, but in fact it will be Yellowjacket.

Now this is a name that comicbook fans should be familiar with. Yellowjacket is the second alias of the first Ant-Man: Henry Pym. In the comics, Pym dawn the alias Yellowjacket after he left the Avengers due his breakdown of creating Ultron. While Pym is primarily known as Ant-Man, a lot of comic readers regard this Avenger with title Yellowjacket as it played a prominent, and infamous, role in the character's history. So with this rumor, some out there might be wondering: could Henry Pym be the villain for the upcoming film? He is known for being Yellowjacket and this kind of move would not be hard to believe; given the alter ego's relevance. So is Michael Douglas the true villain of Ant-Man? Some might think that, others may even hope, but according to the report that is not case. The story points out that Micheal Douglas will not be wearing the Yellowjacket suit. So if the character is going to be in the movie, who could be Yellowjacket?

While Henry Pym is known for being Yellowjacket, he is not the only character to dawn the suit. :Later in the comics. thief Rita DeMara stole the yellowjacket suit and dawned the title. DeMara would later become an anti-hero, but she is still known for being a villainess? Is it possible that DeMara is the film's antagnonist? That much is unclear. The other suggestion is that the villain could be Darren Cross but wearing the Yellowjacket suit. The rumor yesterday pointed out that Cross would be dawning a Ant-Man like suit. Perhaps he could be cinematic version of Yellowjacket. While this could be possible, this suggestion is also unclear?

What do you think? Could Yellowjacket be the villain? Better yet, would you want Yellowjacket as the main antagonist. Express your opinion in the comments below. Ant-Man hits theaters on July 17, 2015.

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