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Another Amelia Earhart finishes the flight her namesake could not

Amelia Rose Earhart completes round the world flight.
Amelia Rose Earhart completes round the world flight.
Amelia Rose Earhart Twitter

Another Amelia Earhart took to the skies last month, and she had a clear mission in mind. The 31-year-old Denver pilot wanted to honor the memory of Amelia Mary Earhart by completing the flight around the world that her namesake disappeared during 77 years ago. Amelia Rose Earhart finished her flight when she landed in Oakland on Friday. Newser reported on her story on July 13.

Amelia Rose Earhart was not a fan of her name as a young girl. She used Amy instead of Amelia while she was growing up, but she realized her name could be an amazing thing once she was an adult. Ten years ago, Amelia Rose decided to take flying lessons, and now she runs the Fly with Amelia Foundation, an organization that helps young girls with flying scholarships. Her round the world flight involved giving many young girls scholarships to learn to fly as well.

Amelia Rose departed on her around the world trip on June 26. She planned for 14 stops along the way, but she stopped 17 times instead. At the end of her trip, she had traveled 24,300 nautical miles. Amelia Rose was not alone during her trip. Shane Jordan sat beside her as co-pilot.

The pair definitely had some advantages that the original Amelia Earhart did not. Amelia Rose's plane contained all the latest in technology, including GPS. Amelia Rose also used social media fully to chronicle her journey. She shared photos of her trip every step of the way, and she even shared a photo of herself at her final destination on Friday, a photo of the original Amelia held tightly in her hand.

Amelia spoke to reporters in Oakland after her landing. She said the following about completing the flight that her namesake did not, according to the San Francisco Chronicle:

"I feel amazing. It was an amazing journey. We feel like we had Amelia there with us, symbolically closing her flight plan … To come back here, it just brings it full circle."

Amelia Rose also said that she completed the flight "she was born to do." During her flight, the anniversary of the disappearance of the original Amelia Earhart passed. Amelia Rose's flight has renewed interest in that woman's disappearance. A new photo discovered in recent weeks might offer a new clue to the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. The photo taken in Miami on the day before her disappearance shows a patch on the plane that signals an unreported repair.

This patch might match up to a wreckage of plane found on an island in the Pacific. Ric Gillespie, the executive director of the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, said the following about the photo, according to the Bend Bulletin:

"If we can match a rivet pattern from the repair in the photograph to a rivet pattern on the wreckage, I think it would be beyond dispute that Noonan and Earhart weren’t lost at sea, but made it to the island."

If this photo proves that Amelia Earhart made it to the island, it will change things completely. Researchers have long believed that Earhart disappeared at sea. Earhart's disappearance will remain a mystery for now, but her namesake completed her mission. Amelia Earhart has now finished her round the world flight.

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