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Anorexia is not merely staying thin but for some a quick path to their end

A self portrait of local Anorexia victim named Annie.
A self portrait of local Anorexia victim named Annie.

"When everything else seems beyond their control, anorexics find this one area in which they are the boss," says Dr. Vinay Reddy, director of the Eating Disorder Clinic at the Michigan State University Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies. "But the control is short-lived."

Research conducted by the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, suggests that 8 million people in the nation suffer from anorexia or other eating disorders. Although ninety percent of Anorexia victims are female, that still leaves a good ten percent of male victims. Forty percent of binge eaters are male as well. Although in existence, many do not think about these male victims.

It is often wrongly perceived by parents/guardians of young people suffering from one of these diseases, that it is a mere call for attention. It is important for those who know, or are caring for an eating disorder victim, to understand the psychological aspects of these diseases and the dangers that are involved.
Anorexia Nervosa frequently coincides with other psychiatric disorders. These can include depression, substance abuse, and various kinds of anxiety disorders. Physically, anorexics may experience serious heart conditions and kidney failure, which can lead to death. Unfortunately, 20 percent of anorexics/bulimics do meet their death due to one of these, or other related conditions.

It is highly suggested by doctors and psychiatrists that anorexics seek help before anything more serious occurs. For families and victims dealing with Anorexia in Grand Rapids, there are many treatment centers and options such as The Center for the Treatment of Eating Disorders on Medical Park Drive, Southeast Grand Rapids. For a further listing of help centers read on:,+MI&view=text&ei=vg5VS92bBYbQM8Oy0JcL&ved=0CBgQtwMwAA&filter=0&update=1&oi=lwp_thresh&sa=XAlthough those Those with such a disease often refuse and refute treatment, but treatment can save an eating disorder victim`s life.