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Anonymous donor giving away cash via Twitter clues; your city could be next

Twitter profile photo of @HiddenCash
Twitter profile photo of @HiddenCash
@HiddenCash via his own Twitter profile

The Huffington Post reported yesterday that the anonymous wealthy do-gooder who has been spreading money all over San Francisco has moved his game to the lucky city of Los Angeles. The modern-day Robin Hood posted on his Twitter account that he is a billionaire who just wants to bring some joy into the lives of ordinary struggling people.

He said that while he was dining with a friend last week he came up with this idea as a way to give back out of his abundance. The fun-loving mystery man decided to make his donations in the form of a scavenger hunt. He posts tweets giving clues of where and when the next drop will be made. The prize is cold hard cash sealed in an envelope.

As expected, the response has been overwhelming. There were even reports of near accidents in San Francisco as one TV station showed throngs of people making a mad dash for the money seconds after a tweet announced the latest drop site. The donor himself was prompted to tweet “There have been large crowds lately. Please walk and drive safely. A young woman ran right in front of my car a few days ago. I will do my best to pick locations that are safe, but please use common sense and caution."

The donor has only revealed a few tidbits about himself via Twitter. He claimed he is very successful in the real estate industry. He tweeted that he has “had the good fortune of joining the top 1% in American society.” He also said that he is between the ages of 35 and 45.

He tweets under the handle @HiddenCash and gives his contact email as Apparently many people have been waiting on an opportunity just such as this because his followers are rapidly multiplying. His Twitter page had 77K followers Tuesday, 330K followers yesterday, and 394K followers today.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are the first two cities to benefit from what he calls a “social experiment”. But other cities may soon be able to hitch a ride on the money train. He has been giving away an average of $1000 daily and says he plans to expand to other cities just as soon he can hire some reliable helpers. Loose-lipped flappers who can’t keep a secret need not apply.

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