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Anoles in your landscape keep insect population down

Green Anoles are voracious eaters that can munch on a cricket nearly half their size. First they have to catch them and that is no problem as they can stay still for long lengths of time, move very quickly and have a meal in an instant. The most common insects in the Anoles diet are crickets, spiders and moths.

Green Anole with dewlap displayed

During the mating season the male Anole will display a bright orange or red dewlap. The dewlap is a piece of skin that can be extended to entice a female for mating. The dewlap is also used when there is a male competitor present. The Anole will do a type of head bob just before the dewlap is displayed.

Anoles mate in late spring and the female will lay two small eggs in leaf litter. She may lay several clutches during the mating season.

Anoles are Polychrotidae from the family of lizards known as anoles and are possibly polychrotinae of the family Iguanidae.


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