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Anoka County Election 2010: Summer parades are starting and the politicians are out in force

After over a decade of political activism it was really nice to just sit along the parade route in my local city and watch the parade pass by. Out of what can only be called one of the shortest parades I've ever seen (how much did this cost the city?) I counted a couple dozen child care, dance, and kids sports floats, well over a dozen politicians and a few local businesses. I'm sure other parades are larger with more of the same. Yet I couldn't help but wonder with all these politicians both new candidates and incumbents how they have or how they will vote if elected/re-elected. In the coming weeks and months before the State Primaries and Election. Many of the politicians running in Anoka County, Minnesota for county, city, state and federal seats have been invited to share their views from their answers to my candidate questionnaire.  Stay tuned.