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Annual Travel Quiz

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Here's my Annual Travel Quiz

Send your answers to by January 8. Winner receives public acclaim and vast amounts of notoriety

Good luck!

1. Which city ranks highest in population, amongst US state capitals?

2. Which one of these was a real military battle, and where did it take place?

A) Battle of the Dead End
B) Battle of the Cul-De Sac
C) Battle of the One Way Street
D) Battle of the Traffic Light
E) Battle of the Shady Lane

3. Recently, Vladimir Putin made news by stationing new missiles in Russia’ exclave. What is this exclave called, and where is it?

4. Which state’s new official pastry is the “Kringle?”

5. Which continent has the most countries? Hint: it isn’t Antarctica.

6. According to the Press Freedom Index, in conjunction with Reporters Without Borders, in 2013 which country enjoys the highest amount of freedom of the press on earth?

7. Which three countries do NOT use the metric system?

A) United States
B) China
C) Myanmar (Burma)
D) Mexico
E) Chad
F) Liberia
G) North Korea
H) Jamaica

8. The Galapagos Islands are an amazing living laboratory showcasing many endemic species of animals only found in the Galapagos. Question: which are the only Galapagos Islands where one can see a Flightless Cormorant?

9. Match the country to its former name?

A) Perak Benin
B) Dahomey Zambia
C) Kampuchea Malaysia
D) Northern Rhodesia Botswana
E) Bechuanaland Cambodia

10. If placed on the surface of the continental United States, approximately how far would our Moon reach?

A) From Seattle to Boise
B) From Dallas to Denver
C) From Minneapolis to St. Louis
D) From San Francisco to Cleveland
E) From Boston to Buffalo

11. Brazil and Argentina are very large countries in South America. However, after those two, what is the next largest South American country in size, coming in at approximately 798,596 square miles?

12. According to the 2011 Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health, published by the World Health Organization (WHO), the top drinkers of alcoholic beverages with a whopping 18.2 liters per capita are from which country?

A) Moldova
B) Czech Republic
C) Russia
D) Ireland
E) Uganda
F) Great Britain
G) France
H) South Korea

13. One country by far leads the rest of the world with over 8,000 vessels in its merchant ship registry, often called a flag of convenience. Which country would that be?

14. According to some measurements, at 29,029 feet, the might Mt. Everest is NOT considered the highest mountain in the world. What is the highest mountain, really?

15. Match the International Auto Symbols with their respective countries.

HKS Democratic Republic of the Congo
FL Jordan
CYM Dominica
ZRE Liechtenstein
WD Wales
DZ Algeria

16. Lake Tahoe is a beautiful blue lake high up in the Sierras on the California-Nevada border. Where is the highest lake in the world?

17. Who is Ogopogo and where does he live?

18. Times change. In 1790, what was considered the wealthiest community in the United States?

19. Fortune cookies are a popular item in many Chinese restaurants throughout the world (though not in China). Yet they are not a Chinese invention. Where was the fortune cookie invented?

A) Bangkok, Thailand
B) San Francisco, California
C) Bali, Indonesia
D) Kyoto, Japan
E) Burton-on-Trent, England
F) Berlin, Germany

20. The exciting and highly anticipated World Cup (of soccer) is fast approaching and the competition will be held at stadiums throughout Brazil this coming June and July. What is the only host country to have been knocked out in the first round?

*Bonus Question: According to the latest statistics from MARAD, the United States Marine Administration, after the big cruise ports in Florida, (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Port Canaveral) what is the busiest cruise departure port in the US?

Send your answers to by January 8

c. Bob Ecker 2013



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