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Annual STEM Camp opportunities still available

Henry County Students in Second thru Eighth Grades still have a great opportunity to participate in the annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) two-day camp on June 25 and 26.

Annual STEM Camp opportunities still available

There are still spots available for students to register for the camp. Those interested are encouraged to visit the Henry County Schools’ (HCS) website to find the application and view the flyers.

This camp is conjoined, with the Girls Symposium: Inspiring the love of STEM, one girl at a time! And, the Boys Exposition: Preparing Young Men for the Future of STEM!

Both camps aim to provide greater exposure to STEM-related studies and activities, with goals of fostering confidence, and increase achievement levels. In addition, encouraging students to enroll in science, technology, engineering, and advanced mathematics courses.

The Boys Exposition introduces young men to the benefits of STEM by increasing interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through STEM activities.

The Girls Symposium is offered to help close the gender achievement and interest gaps in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) found in HCS.

Both camps will be held in the biosciences laboratories at Henry County High School in the Academy for Advanced Studies. Camp personnel include college professors, middle and high school teachers, and invited female and male scientists, engineers and mathematicians. Additional camp personnel include high school student counselors who will serve as mentors.

The Boys Exposition and the Girls Symposium will place a strong emphasis on leadership, and through discussions and activities will explore the decisions that real scientists face. The Girls Symposium will explore the decisions that girls face, how to embrace their talent and intelligence, and learn about leading female STEM role models. By learning from leaders in STEM, students will learn how to further explore their interests and curiosity.

While at camp, our young scientists, engineers and mathematicians will be working collaboratively in groups doing hands-on problems with top learning experts from their area of expertise. The problems will help make a smarter, more technologically and scientifically savvy student.

At the conclusion of the HCS annual Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics camp graduates will have:

  • Participated in hands-on STEM learning activities
  • Engaged in hands-on mathematics learning tasks involving manipulatives **
  • Gained confidence and experience in a supportive environment
  • Learned from experienced and inspiring instructors and mentors
  • Made lots of new friends and
  • Networked with local community partners and business professionals!

A fee of $50 is required to cover the full two days of the camp. Dr. Lya Snell, Mathematics Coordinator for Henry County Schools, is one of the facilitators for the camp and is looking forward to another successful summer with local students learning. She indicated that previous years’ camps have provided great opportunities for students and inspired many of these young kids to explore more advanced studies in STEM courses and possibilities for careers in STEM industries.

For more information on the STEM Camps for local boys and girls, visit here.

** Manipulative: is an object designed to show a mathematical concept by manipulating it, hence its name. Commonly used while teaching the first step towards understand mathematical concepts by providing a concrete representation. Examples: interlocking blocks; color tiles; colored chips; blocks; beans; and popsicle sticks.

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