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Annual Penis Festival just happened - in Japan!

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File this one under "will never happen in America". The annual Penis Festival held every spring in Kawasaki, Japan drew a crowd of revelers celebrating, you guessed it, penises! This year's festival went down (no pun intended) on April 6th.

The festival is all about fertility and is thought to have begun in the 17th century. Called Kanamara Matsuri (The Festival of the Iron Phallus), it is said that prostitutes of old prayed in the shrine that they would not contract any sexually transmitted diseases. Now, its focus is on raising safe sex awareness, sexual health, and funds raised go towards HIV prevention.

According to the Shinto Kanaymara Matsuri (Wikipedia), "There is also a legend of a sharp-toothed demon (vagina dentata) that hid inside the vagina of a young woman and castrated two young men on their wedding nights. As a result, the young woman sought help from a blacksmith, who fashioned an iron phallus to break the demon's teeth, which led to the enshrinement of the item."

Attendees help carry a giant phallus through the streets to the shrine. Followers carry wooden penises while people on the sidelines suck on penis lollipops, and spend money buying all kinds of penis paraphernalia to include funny glasses with penis noses.

Next year's festival is slated for April 5, 2015, so start making plans now to join in on the penis worship. What we really want to know is when is the annual Vagina Festival? Anyone? Anyone?

Check out the YouTube video here: (NSFW by American puritanical standards)

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