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Annual Easter Egg-stravangza has more fun, rides and surprises

More clowns!
More clowns!
k.clements (Clements Communications Inc)

The annual Easter Extravaganza finally got the egg hunt right, barring a little wait time.

Inshira PaRKER

Every year, Easter is celebrated with a large scale free fair in St. Albans Park. For the past several years, it has been hosted by Councilman Leroy Comrie. As he has been succeeded by Councilman I. Daneek Miller, it is now hosted by his office. What a difference a change in administration makes!!!

The Extravaganza still brings out the crowd and has several fun options from which children can choose. The stage show includes music, Zumba and free small scale gift giveaways tossed from the stage.

This year, the difference was obvious and great. There was more of everything. There were additional motorized rides, climbing structures and bouncy houses. There were more characters, including a life sized Elmo, bunny rabbits, stilt walkers and all sorts of random clowns making the rounds. Best of all, they finally discovered a great way to do the Easter Egg hunt. Past years were great, but a little frustrating when it came to getting the goodies. This year, plastic eggs were filled with all sorts of goodies based on age group. Younger children’s eggs were filled with gummies, older children had small toys. Eggs were placed in a large field and children were given plastic bags to fill up with spoils from the hunt. The best thing about the new egg hunt design, was that parents were able to capture the moment of their loved ones on their cell phones and cameras.

No disrespect to the past administration that held the fun Easter fair. They set the bar high and we had a lot of fun! This year’s fair was a way to welcome the new administration and have a good time.

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

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