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Announcing the winners of the first annual Zenni Optical video awards

We laughed, we cried, we were amazed by all the incredibly creative videos you submitted. Thank you for making our first annual Zenni Optical Video Contest a huge success.

Our fingers were crossed (but not our eyes), hoping we would get some great videos. But let’s be honest. We had no idea what we would get.

Well, when the entries started flying in, we were so gob smacked by the outstanding quality of so many of your videos, our blue-ribbon panel (that would be us) had the hardest time picking the winners.

The judging process got, well, let’s put it this way: maybe just a tad heated. Our blue-ribbon panel (again: us) is passionate about glasses and videos. We don’t mind admitting that a few tiny fights may have broken out. But nobody’s eyeglasses were broken. How could they break? They’re Zennis.

Eventually, our blue-ribbon panel (all together now: us) made up and agreed upon the winners, who, in one way or another, conveyed what Zenni is all about – fun, stylish, top-quality, and imaginative, with an edgy sense of humor that shows just how great and affordable Zenni glasses are.

May we have – or push – the envelope, please?

The $20,000 Grand Prize winner is the filmmaking team of Jesse Eisenhardt and Eric Wong, both of San Francisco, Calif., whose video of a baby stealing and abusing his father’s glasses impressed the judges with its implied message that Zenni Optical glasses are inexpensive enough that you can afford to lose a pair. Also, you can’t go wrong with a cute baby. Extra points for the drool.

“The baby is my son, Alex, who is 1 year old,” said Eisenhardt. “He constantly wants to grab my sunglasses off my face, and it terrifies me every time that he is going to break them. So we figured, let's make a spot that plays off that fear.” Wong, who played the father in the video, said, “When you give a kid a pair of glasses and let him play around, things get hilarious real fast.”

Eisenhardt said he’s going to use his share of the winnings to buy a new camera, “and a pair of Zenni glasses for my wife.”

Wong said that with his portion of the $20,000 grand prize, he plans “to buy every single pair of glasses Zenni makes.”

(With Zenni’s amazingly affordable prices, he’ll probably have some money left over.)

“Jesse and Eric really nailed what we were looking for,” said Zenni Optical Marketing Manager David Varnai. “We were completely won over by the edgy humor that conveyed how you can afford to lose a pair of Zennis to a kitchen appliance, since Zenni’s eyewear is so inexpensive. And we all loved that mischievous baby.”

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