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Announcing That You’re Open for Business Using Social Media

I'm guessing that you already signed up for a Twitter, Google Plus, or your preferred social media outlet of choice for your business. The next move is to create a profile that includes all sorts of valuable information for your audience. Why is completing your profile out such a big deal? On Twitter, for example, about 42% of users use the network to learn more about products and services. We’re not math experts, but that’s close to half of the 500 million or so Twitter users out there. That’s a nice piece of the pie, if you ask me.

The idea is to create a captivating profile that informs your audience of who you are and what you’re doing. If you convince them that you can help them with their problems, you may have just landed a future customer.

Besides that, make sure that you have a name, profile image and background that matches your other social media outlets and website. You’re creating a brand here, so everything has to be on the same page. If let's say that Twitter name of your business is not available, a variation will work as long as you use the same logo or image.

Finally, make sure you let everyone know that you’re all set up. The best place to start is by alerting the contacts that you already have, which could be from a wide range of sources, from friends and family to everyone in your email. If you have store, put a sign up. And, most definitely make mention on other social networks and your website. You can easily do that by including a Twitter or Google Plus One button on your webpage. Since the Plus One button is served over 5 billion times a day, it would be foolish for you not to have that on your site or blog.

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