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Anniversary in heaven

Do you ever wonder if when our loved ones enter eternal rest if they celebrate anniversaries in heaven? Is it out of the question or reality to think that as we mourn, heaven celebrates? All of us have lost a loved one to death and think about our loved ones especially as benchmarks approach. I personally reflected back today thinking about my father who passed away one year ago on Presidents Day. I wishfully imagine about heaven must be celebrating dad’s one year in heaven! I am comforted to imagine that there are anniversaries in heaven to soften the loss. God is amazing and loves us I know that for certain, and does not want us to be unhappy. I use my imagination and appreciate that God gave us free will to do so.

My awesome dad! Natividad Livas
Christina Grace Photography

Death is so final on this earth and we have each been taught different things regarding death depending on spiritual teachings and religious teachings. I recently had a gentleman share with me in one of my healing sessions that his wife passed on some months ago, and that she was visiting him even now. He is healthy emotionally, and not seeing illusions as some of you may be thinking. He is a composer and brilliant in his industry, and was married most of his life with this woman. Instead of closing my mind off to this possibility or chasing him away I asked, well, what does she say? He responded with “she is being taught by teachers regarding good and evil and about Jesus. She is around family and many others who are not family but family.” I smiled and thanked him for sharing! “Wow!” was what I kept thinking.

I have to admit that this is not an isolated story, and have spoken to countless others who say there is a heaven. I have heard that the spirit of others can be seen and heard, and realize that we live in a spirit filled world as the old testament in the bible says. This has all made me realize as time has marched on that there is more than we realized to our earthly bodies and spirit. We do not have the answers, and will not have those answers until we pass to know the final truth about death. In the meanwhile, use your imagination if it helps soften the blow. Read your bible and pray so that God truly brings you comfort and heals your heart. As always, stay blessed and in His favor!

Prayer for Natividad Livas my loving Earthly Father

Lord I thank you for giving me such a wonderful earthly father. I appreciate and thank you that Dad lived 88 years young, and was a happy and kind man. May he rest in you and be with you until we all reunite with him our earthly mother Aracelia Livas. Continue to bless their spirits and have them be where you want them to be. Remind us how much they loved and cared for us, and for you. Fill my family with peace and assurance that we will all reunite in your perfect timing. Bind up any broken hearts we may still have and give us internal healing and bring us comfort. I thank you Lord that I now understand the scriptures that speak to earthly parents who abandon us and that you take us up as your own. Thank you for restoration and healing. I praise your holy name and thank you for hearing my prayer, in Jesus name I pray. Amen!

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