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Annie Sloan introduces two new lines of brushes

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World-renowned paint expert, creator of and author of 23 books on paint and color, Annie Sloan has introduced two new lines of brushes: flat for applying her Chalk Paint and newly designed tapered wax brushes.

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Designed by Sloan for her own use and made in Italy, her new flat brushes feature advanced synthetic fibers to yield a smooth, contemporary finish using her Chalk Paint. The brushes apply paint evenly and minimize the appearance of brush marks. Unlike most flat brushes that are cut to shape after the fibers are inserted, the fibers in the Annie Sloan Flat Brushes are individually inserted into the ferrule to obtain the right variation in length and create a silky, soft edge. A close look reveals shorter blue fibers and longer white fibers.

The flat brushes are available in two sizes: small (1.25-inch), which has a suggested retail price of $13.00, and large (2.5-inches), which sells for $22.00. Sloan says these brushes are “the best-performing brushes on the market. If you look after them, they will last for years."

Her new tapered wax brushes were developed to provide a solution to the challenge of waxing in awkward places. The handles are ergonomically designed to make working wax into paintwork easier than ever for an effortless finish. The new brushes are made of 100% hogs hair with each bristle inserted by hand into the ferrule. The bristles are shaped and not cut, to retain the natural split ends of the hogs hair and create a softly pointed end, allowing the user to work wax into detailed areas and tight corners. The small, 6.3-inch long, 1.4-inch wide size retails for $52.00, while the large 9-inch long and 2.6-inch wide brush sells for $72.00.

Having specialized brushes "adds to the enjoyment of painting or waxing: different brushes encourage you to work in different ways, and help you choose the type of finish you want," Sloan says.

These new brushes complement her existing line of Pure Bristle Brushes, which are sold, along with her Chalk Paint, Soft Wax (in clear and dark/antique) and a wide range of decorator accessories, at more than 450 privately-owned independent retailers nationwide. For a complete list, click here.

For more information about the Annie Sloan Brushes, visit her blog. For ideas and inspiration on techniques with Chalk Paint®, Soft Wax, and more by Annie Sloan, see her video tutorials on Sloan's You Tube Channel.