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Annie Ray's Photobooth


Annie Ray's Photobooth at Rarest of Them All, copyright Annie Ray 2009

I discovered something at the 2009 Rarest of Them All event earlier this month that may be common knowledge for some (especially those that frequent events for Rare Magazine), but it was certainly news to me: Annie Ray’s photobooth.

Who is Annie Ray and what is a photobooth outside of a box that splits out a ruler-like assortment of pictures on command? Well, Annie Ray is a professional photographer who sets-up at parties and gives guests a chance to play model within a professional photo shoot. Though party-throwers pay her for this service, she provides it to guests absolutely free. And no one walks away without a business card containing Ray’s website, where all high-resolution images can be downloaded post-party, also for free. However, she usually stipulates that you don't crop-out the overlay that contains her copyright and photo credit if posting online (obviously I got special permission for the above profile picture). You can also buy prints of your favorite pics from her website.

Within Ray’s “photobooth” she encourages party-goers to pose and goof-off in front of her camera, sometimes through the help of various props to help loosen them up. Some of these props include balloons, 3-D glasses, feather boas, stick-on mustaches, and whatever else she can come up with. Though she says it’s not about the props, but what the props bring out.

Annie Ray's Photobooth at Rarest of Them All, copyright Annie Ray 2009

“I am passionate about who I’m photographing, which is why I can remember almost everyone that comes through the booth,” said Ray. “My goal is to capture people, being themselves. It’s more than just setting up at a party and taking pictures of people—it’s capturing the spirit of people celebrating a moment in time.”

Ray has been passionate about photography since a young age and received a BFA in Fine Art Photography from the
University of
North Texas in
. She came-up with this photobooth idea 3 years ago and has performed the service for various events. Ray originally thought-up the booth as a way to learn lighting with strobes: “What better way to learn lighting than to set up at an event and have to light anywhere from 1 to 10 people,” said Ray. Her choice of bright lighting often brings an artistic and surreal aspect to her digital images which make them more interesting than the typical photo.

“But I always say it isn't the lighting or the camera that makes a good picture,” said Ray. “People now-a-days get wrapped up in the technology and forget that good photography doesn't come from $2,000 dollar cameras, it comes from photographers themselves.”

For more info: as well as upcoming photobooth events, visit and


  • Erin 5 years ago

    I love the photos!

  • Lisa Austin Parenting Examiner 5 years ago

    This is so cool and I can see where you get that awesome photo of yourself that always makes me think, "She looks like she's having so much fun!" I would love a chance in an Annie Ray photo booth.