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Annie Get Your Gun a symbol for America’s armed women

While some American women have fallen victim to the idea that the government will take care of them from the cradle to the grave there are others who have learned how to use firearms to protect themselves and their families.

Annie Oakley holding rifle
Wikipedia Commons

Annie Get Your Gun was a musical produced by Rogers and Hammerstein with music and lyrics by Irving Berlin based on the life of Annie Oakley who was a first-rate markswoman and could handle a rifle as well as and usually better than most men.

Today there are women who are learning how to protect themselves from sexual predators and other criminals who prey upon them. They have joined together in using target practice as well as classroom instruction about firearms safety, personal self-defense and have their own certification program.

The Well Armed Woman organization supports women who have chosen not to be victims by carrying firearms for protection. They are part of a growing number of women who own guns. According to Gallup, the percentage of women who own a firearm doubled from 2005-11, rising from 13% to 23%. It has also been reported in 2013 that 37% of new target shooters are female.

According to the founder of the organization

The Well Armed Woman recognizes that women are different! We think differently, we communicate differently, and we learn differently. These differences are best addressed in firearms training designed for women and taught by women. Traditional firearms training works well to teach men, but not women.

Billing itself as a group “where the feminine and firearms meet The Well Armed Woman now has 107 chapters across 37 states.

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