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Annie and J.R. ---perfect together

Annie lures J.R. into her web of seduction
Annie lures J.R. into her web of seduction

It was a casual walk in the park that became one of the steamiest almost love scenes in AMC's recent history. Touched by an encounter with the wife of a friend of his who died of cancer, When J.R. (Jacob Young) ran into Annie (Melissa Claire Egan) he did something that was very out of character. He apologized sincerely to Annie for his rudeness and ungratefulness towards her. "You saved my life with the bone marrow transplant," he stated. Perplexed at his sudden compassion towards her, Annie probed J.R. as to why he suddenly was willing to express his gratitude towards her.

The encounter was tender ---for a moment. The pair agreed that their passion was behind them; they were committed to their present partners, and that would be that. However, J.R. suddenly turned angry at Annie, and began spewing his usual insults and threats at her. The reason for his change of heart was transparent. He was struggling with suppressing his passion for the troublesome Annie. He professed his love for Marissa (Brittany Allen) and Annie threw his words back at him, reminding him of how exciting he found her compared to his remarkably dull spouse. J.R.'s vicious response to Annie's retort prompted Annie to slap J.R. in the face. He looked at her for a brief moment, grabbed her, and kissed her with a passion that we have not seen in a long time. (And, Jacob Young has never looked more handsome, now that his hair has grown back in). Annie and J.R. ended up rolling in the grass, unable to squelch the passion they feel. These two simply cannot keep away from each other, and the possibilities of this pairing are deliciously evil.

Upon returning home J.R. could barely be civil to Marissa, who picked a piece of grass off of J.R.'s shirt and questioned him about it. J.R. could barely be civil to his wife, who ended the episode by announcing that she has decided that it is time to return to her husband's bed, if there was to be any hope of salvaging their marriage. Truthfully, it is hard to even feel sorry for the whiny, sniveling Marissa, who is struggling to take lessons in revenge from her father, Dr.David Hayward. What she doesn't yet realize is that her marriage is already dead. There is no way she can fight the formidable and dynamic Annie Lavery Chandler.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    There has never been a hotter pairing in soaps than Jacob Young and Melissa Claire Egan as JR/Annie. Their passion/chemistry has ignited my screen since April, when they first got together for all the wrong reasons. Annie's recent marriage to Scott was a total mistake, in my opinion, but hopefully she will soon come to her senses! Even though the two are back to fighting and baiting each other, their chemistry is still off the charts!!! AMC needs to realize what a potential super-couple-in-the-making they have with Jannie, and needs to promote these two much more than they currently are! The David murder mystery pales in comparison...I, and many other fans, are only watching to see the Jannie scenes, and we want more of them!!!