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Annexation Complete, Russia Steals Crimea

Annexation Complete, Russia Steals Crimea
Annexation Complete, Russia Steals Crimea

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the paperwork officially annexing the Crimea back over into the hands of the Russian Federation. Afterward he sent it to both Houses of the Constitutional Court to be ratified. This second process was more ceremonial then actuality. In other words, once Putin had signed the papers no one was going to dispute it.

Kiev and western leaders cried foul but no one seemed to be listening. The largest land grab of the 21st century had taken place and not one shot had been fired. The world sat back and let Putin get away with whatever he wanted. The worst part about it is the reason he did get away with it is because the European Union gets about 25% of it's oil from Russia and they are not going to stop that from happening. Putin with his threat of using armed troops basically robbed the Ukraine and got away with it.

The Russian Federation also was able to take over Ukrainian war ships and military bases without too much problem.

The Ukraine has built a small defense along its borders with Russia but it is still in no way able to stop any sort of Russian move into its territory. The Ukraine could now be on Putin's mind but is it worth putting itself in more harm.

Putin got away with a great deal with the annexing of Crimea but would the world stand by and watch the Ukraine go back to Mother Russia? Did Europe make any real moves to stop Russia? No. Did the United States actually achieve anything with its sanctions? No. So then why would Putin think that he could take the Ukraine without much ado? Simple, he thinks that the world is just going to stand by and do nothing. We haven't really done anything to show him otherwise. Putin is acting the role of the big bully and the only way to combat that is to stand up to him and say no more. This is the only way that anyone will stop him from taking more. Simply stand up to him and say no.

Here's the problem Europe wants oil and President Obama has no sense when it comes to the international side of his job. When it comes to implementing foreign Policy Obama is an idiot. Putin what do you want next, Miami Beach, take it. Just leave the Vodka at the door, please.