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ANNEX Magazine cover party: Celebrating July's covers in trendsetting style

At the event
At the event
Lesley Reider

Last weekend, Jesse McCartney and Pia Mia hosted the ANNEX Magazine cover party at the KIA Motors Malibu Estate. The party was sponsored by Just Chill, L’Alpina Water, Heineken, and MateFit Tea. Both Jesse and Pia are featured on different covers of ANNEX Magazine’s July issue. Pia looked radiant in a trendy yellow romper, arriving in a black KIA Motors K900, and Jesse looked casual cool, pulling up to the KIA Motors Malibu Estate in a white KIA Motors K900. Guests from New York and Los Angeles enjoyed ceviche, hot dogs, hamburgers, and hummus provided by Sabra, among other small bites. They also enjoyed an assortment of beverages such as Strongbow Cider, L’Alpina Water, Heineken, Just Chill, vodka specialty cocktails, and wine. LURA, an eyewear brand, showcased its line of eclectic sunglasses at the event as well. The KIA Motors Malibu Estate was definitely the place to be at that weekend.

The KIA Motors Malibu Estate is quite an impressive venue. It features an amazing, spacious outdoor pool and a unique terrace with breathtaking views of Malibu. The inside of the house is very expansive with 3 floors worth of space, beautiful design, and great lighting. The SONOS sound system that has been installed at the estate carries through the entire house with the best clarity. Jesse and Pia definitely enjoyed Malibu views and mingling with their friends and guests at the incredible estate. What a great weekend event to bask in the sun and celebrate Jesse McCartney’s and Pia Mia’s ANNEX Magazine July Covers!