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Anne's Caribbean Introduces Bake and Shark, Doubles to Trini Menu

Anne Timothy, owner of Anne’s Caribbean, has returned from a two-week visit to her native Trinidad. But her time abroad was more than vacation; it was inspiration. Starting Saturday, August 21, new changes will appear on her Broad Street Market menu that she hopes will inspire a greater taste for Trinidad in Harrisburg.

In particular, Anne will be introducing two Trini classics: “doubles” and “bake and shark.” Doubles are a classic Trini roadside breakfast that are assembled, sandwich-like, with lightening speed. Curried chick peas are folded between two soft, round flatbreads and served with a blistering pepper sauce (called “pepper” in Trini). The result is a mouth-melting mess of a breakfast, where the buttery breads just barely soak up the sauce and the overtones are of chick peas and spice. This wake-up call is a better deal than a coffee any day!

The most popular “bake and shark” in Trinidad is found at Maracas Bay, the island’s most well-known beach, and was introduced to America when Andrew Zimmer, host of the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, named it as one of the best sandwiches he had ever eaten. Fresh bread, fresh fish, and fresh vegetables comprise this dish; succulent slices of fried shark meat are lodged between two pieces of crisp fried bread (known as fry bake), and topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, thinly sliced cucumbers, garlic sauce, and--you guessed it--more “pepper.”

These new dishes will be available at Anne’s Caribbean on Saturdays only, although Anne hopes to eventually move them into daily specials. Stop by to also taste Anne’s rotating menu of coconut bake, stewed cabbage, roti, curried shrimp, Trini-classic fried chicken, and more.

Anne’s Caribbean

Thursday & Fridays, 7am-5pm

Saturdays, 7am-4pm

Broad Street Market (building 1)

1233 North Third Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102

(717) 236-7923


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