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Anne Rice walks away from Catholicism

Anne Rice, author of Interview with a Vampire
Anne Rice, author of Interview with a Vampire
Wikimedia Commons

It seems that this is more of an appropriate statement than her original claim that she quit being a Christian. She came to the conclusion that organized religion has no Scriptural basis that supports their doctrines. 

She still embraces Jesus Christ, however, she does not support the views of the Catholic church.

Enclosed is her interview with Joy Behar of HLN.


  • Bill W 4 years ago

    Thanks - I had read the headlines that Ann Rice rejected christianity. I am glad to hear it was only the Catholic church she rejected. Note to media : "rejecting a church does not equate to rejecting Jesus"

  • Ann 4 years ago

    I have to respect her views just like "Christians" expect us to respect them. I did the same thing. I stepped away from organized religion and went out on my own. I am still searching though. Can you put out some articles about God's expectations? I am starting to read my Bible but I don't really understand it.

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