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Anne Rice talks about "Prince Lestat" and her return to "The Vampire Chronicles"

Anne Rice talks about "Prince Lestat"
Anne Rice talks about "Prince Lestat"

Last week, New York Times best-selling author Anne Rice created an uproar among her fans and the publishing industry when she announced a return to her infamous Vampire Chronicles with the publication of “Prince Lestat” on October 28, 2014.

After an eleven year absence from the beloved characters and mythology first established in her ground-breaking “Interview with the Vampire”, the news was met with unbridled excitement via social media and covered by a variety of different news and entertainment websites.

Prince Lestat will take place after the events of "Queen of the Damned" and catch the reader up on all their favorite Anne Rice vampires.

The iconic author also reached another milestone last week when she successfully achieved one million followers on her popular Facebook page. To celebrate the achievement, the author has been holding contests on the page for her fans with the winners receiving signed copies of her books.

Following last week’s announcement on “The Dinner Party Show” hosted by Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn, the “Anne Rice Examiner” decided to ask Mrs. Rice a few questions that we also had concerning “Prince Lestat” , her return to the vampire genre, reaching the million milestone and just what the People of the Page mean to her.

“Prince Lestat” will be available for pre-order beginning March 17, 2014 at all major online retailers.

Here, for your enjoyment, are her answers:

1 - In your interview on The Dinner Party Show, you mentioned you were working on Prince Lestat for 3 years, was it difficult to put aside any other projects you were thinking about to start a new vampire chronicle?

I was always doing other projects, working on The Wolf Gift and on The Wolves of Midwinter. I worked on Prince Lestat in between, reading the old Chronicles, taking notes, making "starts," writing up ideas and such, asking questions of myself.

2 - Which of the chronicles do you recommend your fans read to catch up with the new story in Prince Lestat?

It's most important I think to read "The Vampire Lestat" and "The Queen of the Damned." Those two books tell of Lestat's origins, his becoming a vampire, and what happened when he became a rock singer and woke Queen Akasha, the first vampire, with his music and his revelations. ---- "Prince Lestat" is really about how the entire tribe was affected by what happened when Lestat revealed the secrets of vampiric origins. Of course those who have read all the books will probably most enjoy "Prince Lestat" but the novel is written to be understood by someone who is new to the characters and the story. ---- I always try to do that, to write a stand-alone novel.

3 - Do you expect to tour for the new book?

Almost certainly. I know I will be in New Orleans on Halloween for the Lestat Coronation Ball. I've already booked my favorite hotel in the French Quarter. The publisher will tell me where else they want me to go. I'm looking forward to seeing readers on the road. I love that part of it all. I suspect I'll be on tour until Thanksgiving, but again, the publisher will let me know.

4 - You recently reached one million followers on your Facebook page, what does that accomplishment mean to you?

I've loved the page since I first started posting; I've loved the informal exchanges I've had; the input; the inspiration from so many offering their thoughts, their recommendations of movies, books, music, etc. I'm thrilled that we've reached a million people. Just thrilled. I'm thrilled that it's been overall such a positive and exciting experience. I love the opportunities the page provides for in depth discussions not only of art and literature but of politics and social issues. I can't imagine a day now without checking in with the "People of the Page." I guess I'm grateful, grateful that so many want to connect.

5 - Is there anything you'd like to say to those followers?

I want them to know how much I appreciate them, how much I really do welcome different opinions on different issues, how much it means to me to be able to go on at 11 o'clock at night and ask a serious question --- about any topic --- and get so many immediate fascinating responses! I want them to know how much affection I feel for them, for the regulars who've been with us for years, for the frequent contributors who bring links to stories on the news, on human rights, on archaeological finds, on exciting new books, or films. I just love it! I really do. But you know, I think they do know this already.

6 - Would you support a petition from the People of the Page and your son's Party People to have Christopher dress up like Lestat for the annual Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Ball in October and can you apply Motherly guilt to get him to do it?

Oh, I don't know. I'm not sure Christopher wants to dress up as Lestat. Perhaps the Fan Club in New Orleans should hold a Lestat Impersonator contest, and the winner should be crowned "Prince Lestat" at the ball. They're going to call this the Lestat Coronation Ball. Maybe it should be a surprise that night as to who will wear the crown. Every year people do come as Lestat in splendid costumes, sometimes with colored contact lenses, with natural hair or beautiful wigs, etc. Why not hold such a contest? Maybe they could hold Louis and Armand contests as well --- you know, round out the Royal Court. Maybe I could get some gold coins to give to the winners. I think it would be fun. During Mardi Gras season, the different Mardi Gras krewes or clubs have their Kings and Royal Courts. New Orleans is the perfect place for such a glamorous and romantic idea. Christopher will be there, of course, and I think he'll have a much better time if he's not pressured by me into dressing up to be Lestat. But if he wants to do it? Well, I'd love it.

And, so would we!


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