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Anne Rice's Big Reveal - What will the subject of her new book be?

Anne Rice

For Anne Rice fans all over the world, March 9th is a big day. As previously reported, this is the day the iconic author of “The Vampire Chronicles”, “The Lives of the Mayfair Witches” and “The Wolf Gift Chronicles” will announce the title and subject of her new book.

The announcement will be made at 8:00 pm est. on “The Dinner Party Show” an internet radio program free to internet users and hosted by Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw-Quinn.

Anticipation has been steadily growing since Mrs. Rice posted about her announcement on her widely popular Facebook page which is currently closing in at almost one million followers.

“Dreams keep me going. Right now I'm copy editing my next book --- that is going through all the proof reading corrections made by the copy editor at the publishing house, affirming this and that correction and making inevitable corrections of my own. And I really enjoy this stage with every manuscript. It's also a time when I dream of the book's future in the world, before the "reality" sets in. And dreams do keep me going. By the way, I will be making an announcement as to the title and pub date of this book on "The Dinner Party Show" (my son's internet radio show) on March 9th. I hope some of you will mark your calendars for that date and have a listen.” – Anne Rice

However before that, the speculation over the subject of the author’s new book continues to grow.

Will it be the third book in “The Wolf Gift Chronicles”, continuing the story of Reuben Golden and his “Distinguished Gentlemen” as they prowl the world and reveal more “morphenkinder” secrets?

Or, perhaps the final chapter in the “Christ the Lord” novels, finally finishing a story more than 2,000 years in the making and told as only Anne Rice can?

Maybe, it will be something completely new. It wouldn’t be the first time the author has surprised her fans by venturing into a totally different story or genre.

And, finally, could it be the news that life-long Anne Rice fans have long dreamed of … could Lestat and the others be back? Anyone who is familiar with the author, knows no matter what, they are never far from her thoughts; especially the “Brat Prince”.

The author is not giving away any clues. Believe me … I tried. But, just recently, the Anne Rice Examiner was able to ask her this question:

It seems like your new book was written pretty quickly, was this something you were thinking about during your last book tour?

“The new book? I've worked on it for years --- about three years roughly.
As with most of my books, this involved a lot of reflecting, false starts, some research and then a plunge into intense months of writing to prepare the final draft. And yes, I was working on it while touring and traveling for the last three years. I finished the final draft with almost all final changes right before Thanksgiving.”

So there you have it … in the author’s own words. Does her answer offer any clues to the subject of the new book? I’m not sure.

However, the fact that she’s been working on it for three years could imply it is a continuation of something she started back then or it could, just as well, mean she’s written something totally new. Ughhhh!

Well, I guess the only way we’ll know for certain is to tune in to “The Dinner Party Show” tomorrow and 8:00 pm EST. And, don’t forget Daylight Savings.

See you there!


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