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Anne Rice announces new book, which means Lestat is back

Anne Rice announces new book
Wikimedia Commons

Anne Rice fans rejoice because she just announced today on her son Christopher Rice's live internet show, "The Dinner Party Show," that she was going to write another Vampire Chronicles book. That's according to her official Facebook page.

The title of the book is going to be "Prince Lestat." The book is going to be coming out on Oct. 28 and it's going to be a true sequel to Rice's book "Queen of the Damned." "Queen of the Damned" was published in 1988. It was a story about Lestat becoming a rock-star, waking up Akasha, the Queen of the vampires, and how the other vampires had to band together to fix Lestat's mistake. "Queen of the Damned," was made into a 2002 film.

This announcement is one of the biggest ones for fans of the Vampire Chronicles series, since Rice hasn't written a new one since "Blood Canticle" in 2003.

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