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Anne Rice and her "People of the Page" on Older Authors

Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

Anne Rice, best-selling author of over 30 novels, including “The Vampire Chronicles”, “The Lives of the Mayfair Witches” and “The Wolf Gift Chronicles”, as well as her latest”, “Prince Lestat”, to be published October 28th, 2014, has never shied away from any topic, however sensitive or controversial. And today was no different as she took to her Facebook page to discuss the subject of age.

“Older People of the Page, let us hear from you. I'd like to celebrate older writers, artists, readers --- older people in general --- today. That's why my first two posts have concerned older people. Facebook tells me that the vast majority of those following this page are under 45. But how can that be? I was born in 1941, published "Interview with the Vampire" at 35, and experienced my first huge bestseller, "Queen of the Damned" at 48. I love having readers of all ages. I love having new readers and very young readers. But where are my contemporaries? What do you have to say?” – Anne Rice on Facebook

Chock full of creative people from all over the world, her responses to this post were as wonderful as they were plentiful.

“63 years young…I have been enamored with you and your tales since the age of 25…still not certain whether I am more in love with you or your works…have always been intrigued by the darker stories and Sci-Fi…after reading IWTV it was just an agony awaiting the continuation of their ‘lives’ for years my man Stan & I have been tossing around the idea of writing a book…we have begun recently to put his story on paper” – Granny Goodwitch

“I just had my 70th un-birthday celebration Anne, and have been a huge fan of yours and Stephen King for ages... I have been in the process of putting my memoirs to paper/laptop for the past 2 years... It deals with my many marriages, the mafia and lots of other things that have comprised my life... So far it has been a difficult and yet very cathartic experience; but one is never too old to write if you have anything worthwhile to write about? My tombstone epitaph should read: "She Lived... And How..." – Diana Allard

Considering all the great responses and realizing the amazing amount of knowledge, talent and experience all older people have to share, has prompted the “Anne Rice Examiner” to wonder what other famous authors began their careers somewhat late in life. After some fascinating research and forced to narrow down quite a large list, here are just a few talented names we came across that we thought you might find interesting:

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Although she had written throughout her life, Laura Ingalls Wilder, best known for her “Little House” series of books, did not see her first book published until she was in her mid-sixties. As with many other writers, personal issues and upheavals in her life prevented any serious career in writing until later on.

Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt’s gritty and heart-felt memoir, “Angela’s Ashes” detailing his tough childhood in Ireland became an instant best-seller, a huge critical success and won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography and Autobiography when it was published in 1996. The author was also in his mid-sixties.

After earning his Master’s degree and teaching at various New York City schools, the author finally found fame after the book’s publication and movie adaptation, as well as, continuing his story in ‘Tis.

Raymond Chandler

Famous for his hard-core mystery novels starring detective Philip Marlowe, Raymond Chandler started his career as a journalist, but didn’t become a successful author until the publication of his first novel “The Big Sleep” when he was 51. During his career, he won an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America.

Harriet Doerr

After raising a family and the passing of her husband, Harriet Doerr published her first book, “Stones for Ibarra” at the age of seventy-three.
The author of multiple short stories, novels and essays, she is the winner of a “National Book Award”.

Richard Adams

The author, whose first book, “Watership Down” was not published until his mid-fifties, spent his early life as a British civil servant who told his children bed-time stories. So far, the book has sold over fifty million copies world-wide.

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