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Anne J. Hill case has been changed from missing to homicide?

Missing, murdered but no body.
family photo

A few weeks ago, Anne J. Hill was missing a second time. Previously listed on the Oklahoma Missing Persons site, Missing Kids and Klaas Kids, she disappeared as a poster for missing. This was up But then it all vanished? Without news or any announcements to the public. Searching her name, Anne J Hill today generated this Nada?

.@Ihavevanished on Twitter yesterday noted that Anne J Hill case was transferred from a missing person ( not a missing child or youth case, mind) to a homicide victim, in final stages of investigation, moving towards prosecution.

Her family continues to host a Facebook page for Anne J Hill

A family friend has hit Twitter with regularity. but that last posting was mid July.

Many faithfully still look and RT. Looking for ONE missing person, might turn up another or group of missing, captive, sex trafficked or murdered. The mutually beneficial act of looking shows sharing of information that solves these crimes. And yes, it is crime.

From the onset of this case, a gross but surprisingly not unusual absence of reporting options extended to the family of Casady School sophomore, Anne J Hill marked the missing status and alerts declared to the community, family and school scene in greater Oklahoma City in the spring of 2014. The family successfully inched the case forward on their own mostly to Nancy Grace, and then to the above missing persons pages. The mystery of a teen unaccounted for seemed not to match refusals from law enforcement to list her.

Investigative locations were marked by significant splits in locations possibly involved this has been an odd case from day one. This case has also been splayed across 2 police departments: Edmond and Oklahoma City, but not the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

The investigations released process the following data. Anne J Hill, a highschooler, was a resident of Piedmont, Oklahoma a bedroom community to the West of Oklahoma City proper, she lived there with her Mom. Kids in the OKC area were out for Spring Break, and Anne J Hill would normally commute to the Nichols Hills/Casady Square area Casady School. So, she had her own car, and was known to be responsible to travel some distance daily by herself and keep a schedule. She was an honor student and athlete familiar with routines and accountability to others.

The location Anne J Hill's phone last engaged a signal and her vehicle was later found abandoned, which was Edmond, Oklahoma a bedroom community to the North of OKC proper.....near a university where she new some others. Anne J Hill left her family home, went to a gym to work out and then on to the area of a university campus and was neither seen nor heard from again.

The family attempted to file missing persons reports regarding her unaccounted absence and were refused. This was concerning at the point it happened for a variety of reasons. Apparently, the police have a right to refuse teen listings if it could at all be possible the person left voluntarily. However, the window of risk is about 3 hours on investigative stats, and most people don't understand the missing to BE missing, and that becomes a fiasco almost immediately for more families than not, actually back to the 1960's and possibly before that.

Amber Alerts and Missing Kids have been in play since the 1990's as has Klaas Kids. Both the FBI and the missing kids groups have concurred with Marc Klaas, the father of Polly Klaas that these systems of report, notification and alert have been flawed since inception. Anne J Hill glitches in posting a report are only another in a long string of fire bell alerts to the community that methods of inbound reporting, documentation, triage of information for reply and replies are lacking.

In that Oklahoma has had one of the highest rates of child sex trafficking and violent crimes in the United States, this combination especially for a young woman or the family of a young woman are an excruciating edge of dodging statistics to get to adulthood unscathed.

OKCPD police search of an apartment in NW OKC, near Lake Hefner..... just prior to the Oklahoma City Marathon. No public updates were extended about Anne J Hill following that. Her family advanced in listings as above and then she disintegrated.

The family continues to look for Anne J Hill in the face of all the distress. Either way, Anne J Hill is unaccounted for to date physically and joins a slew of others nationwide whose cases are in some registered status with "appropriate" or "available" agencies.... but the case is not finalized, noone has been prosecuted and her person remains missing. Body live or body dead.

Removing Anne J Hill from sites reduces the visibility of her situation in general, and reduces her profile as a registered statistic in any category... whether AWOL, missing kid, or murdered or deceased from natural causes. Registered profiles globally relate to community and law makers, statisticians and carers. Monies alotted to deal with historic problems or new problems are misevaluated when things are handled like this... and unfortunately that either opens doors for increased criminality in communities, community misperception of what risks exist.

In turn, miscalculations of what statistical issues any area of OKC faces, merely compounds the existing issue of the gross and ongoing underfunding of our own law enforcement. Failure to engage cases or methods by which cases can be engaged is in part driven by policy and funding. The police cannot do more, if they are grossly and chronically underfunded.

Ultimately, this is abuse of the community, and abuse of the police departments.... Under performance is not on anyone's agenda when they wake up to go to their profession. Oklahoma law enforcement spans community police, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations.

Support and adovacy voice groups like the YWCA provide advocacy for issues related to women and girls who may be involved in situations of violence, sexual misuse, or rape.

Oklahoma Department of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and the Office of Victim's Services.

A town hall meeting solely on missing persons, featuring Marc Klaas would be an ideal springboard to wake up our Mayor, Mick Cornett to the reality of being female and under 25 living, working or going to school in OKC.

Rally support within the greater OKC area, or even statewide in this year of elections as our performance in just about any child and youth and family issues is underpar. As some of gaffs again against our youth and their families also fall under decisions made by Governor Mary Fallin. This Anne J Hill case is an exceptional illustration that decisions about funding and performance improvements that show demonstrable improvements.

Let's recap that Kate Bernard statehood era performance of championing kid issues and surpass instead of barely meet the lowest standards or chronically fail our kids. Clear, honest and untiring processes to audit what is extended to the families of missing kids is imperative. Statistics of connections between missing kids and children who are sex trafficked and also kids who are in foster systems is very high and solving one issue may knock out others.

Stop dreaming. Start acting.

Need another example? How about Racine Jane Doe?

Find Anne J. Hill. RT.

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