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Annapolis has gone to the dogs

Pets love an outing too
Pets love an outing too
David Feldman Show

Since pet owners view their four-legged friends as a valued member of the family, why should these furry pals be left behind or forced to board in a strange kennel when their owners go on a holiday?

If you are looking for a pet-friendly city to explore with your dog, your search is over. Annapolis, Maryland has gone to the dogs! Just take a stroll down Main Street or along Dock Street and you will be struck by the realization that there are quite a large number of dogs out for a walk too. And why not; Annapolis is a beautiful city to explore.

Shop and restaurant owners seem to have an understanding as to the growing number of pet owners who do not want to leave their dogs at home or trapped in a car. Instead of making it difficult on them, they open their doors and accommodate them. Why alienate a large portion of your customers?

Quite a few of the quaint shops along brick-lined Main Street like the Black Dog, allow the canines to come on in and sniff the merchandise; As long as they are well-behaved, of course. Other stores supply water bowls for a much needed drink outside the door.

Most restaurants provide outdoor seating for patrons when the nice weather arrives which welcomes their dogs as well. Food as well as water dishes are available so that the animals can relax and enjoy a meal on a pleasant afternoon along with their owners.

Dogs are even allowed on board the many guided tours along the bay which are provided by Watermark. Of course, these travelers need to be leashed and owners are responsible for cleaning up after them if they can’t wait until the boat docks to do their business. However, the staff is quick to pour water if need be.

There are several hotels who welcome pets including the Westin Annapolis and the Sheraton Annapolis. Some open their doors to dogs and or cats while others only allow dogs. Restrictions on size do apply so it is a good idea to check their website or call the establishment for more information before booking a stay. Dogs are free at the Hampton Inn & Suites Annapolis, but most other hotels and inns charge varying fees.

The gorgeous lawns surrounding America’s oldest working State House has signs posted deterring pets on the greens, but you may spot a dog or two frolicking about here or there which nobody seems to minds as long as they are respectful. They are, after all on vacation too.

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