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Annapolis 10-miler canceled

Hurricane Irene approaches the US
Hurricane Irene approaches the US

Just as we were beginning to question the judgment of the powers that be with the organizers of the Annapolis 10-miler the race has been officially called off by the Annapolis City Emergency Management.

With no further statement released as of now, we can all rest assured that the pressure to compete in one of the country's most popular 10-mile races is set aside. More on premiums and updates to the status of the race are yet to come.

Meteorologist Justin Berk of ABC2 News says we can expect sustained winds of 50-60 mph with gusts up to 75 on Sunday morning. "It's just not safe to run anywhere let alone on tall open bridges or under trees." Both of which are abundant on the course of the Annapolis 10-miler. Justin adds, "I'm bummed about the race, too, but its a smart move not to have it."

Runners have the option to show or not to show, but all those who are obligated to work the event: volunteers, vendors, timing company, police officers and course marshals would still need to be there for those runners who don't have access to a television, the internet, radio, newspaper and/or a window to know a hurricane is eminent.

Yes, runners are a tough breed of people, but to quote Ron White "It isn't THAT the wind is blowin' it's WHAT the wind is blowin'. If you get hit with a volvo it doesn't really matter how many sit ups you did that morning...if you have a yield sign in your spleen-jogging don't come in to play."


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