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Annabeth Gish nets 'Sons of Anarchy' role as new sheriff who plays nice with Jax

Annabeth Gish joins "Sons of Anarchy" as the new sheriff in town.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Annabeth Gish, known for her recent role in FX's "The Bridge," joins the cast of "Sons of Anarchy" as the new sheriff in town. She will most likely give Gemma a run for her money, as Gemma doesn't take kindly to other strong females she's come across in the past and for sure Gish will play a very strong-willed sheriff.

Gish, who did some of her best acting in the Showtime cable show "Brotherhood" a few years back, is playing the character of Althea Jarry. She's a sheriff who is bound and determined to solve the murders of her predecessor and Tara Knowles in Charming, according to Unreality Prime Time on May 30.

Hints swirling online suggest that as tough as Sheriff Jarry is, she realizes early on that keeping the peace in Charming means to work with SAMCRO. This of course means that she has to play by their rules.

She comes to Charming as "a bit of a loner," but is said to have a few off-the-book rules of her own, "tucked up her sleeve." That is as far as the teaser takes fans, it is not known if those surprise rules of hers will help or hinder SAMCRO.

"Sons of Anarchy" is just spitting out the surprises this week. It was announced that Marilyn Manson has joined the cast of the show as a white supremacist that Jax finds useful.

Gish is one sexy woman so you can't help but wonder if she becomes a love interest to Jax? O.K. that would put her in the spot of a cougar, but what about Nero? Will she be the next strong and stubborn woman to catch his eye?

It looks as if Gemma and Nero are running out of millage. When Gemma asked him to marry her, he refused without any sugar coating telling Gemma all her ex's end up dead at the hands of others. He wasn't ready to sign up for that, or sign up for a life that centers around the club.

According to UPI News today, along with "The Bridge" and "Brotherhood," Gish has had roles on the "X-Files" and "The West Wing."

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