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Annabelle features terrifying origin in the film's first trailer

Last week, Warner Bros and New Line Cinemas made things official by giving Annabelle a fall release date. The new film is a spin-off from last year's hit: The Conjuring, and it deals with the little doll that gave moviegoers nightmares. Now audiences will get to see just where that terrifying doll came from in this upcoming movie. To solidify that Annabelle is coming this October, Warner Bros. and New Line have released the official teaser for the upcoming horror film.

Much like The Conjuring, the preview for Annabelle acts more like a scene then it does a trailer. It features a young couple getting ready to have a child. To commemorate the moment, the husband buys a eerie looking doll that can go with the rest of the room's decor (which raises questions on what these two consider as child-friendly). All seems well, until the following night when the wife hears a noise. As the husband goes to investigate, the young woman is confronted by a disgruntle woman and a crazed man. A struggle commences and by the end everyone is dead. The last shot feature the craze woman on the floor and her blood dripping on the doll.

This is likely the origin of how Annabelle came to be. It also likely that this will be the opening scene to the film. Not only does this preview give moviegoers a glimpse in the film's plot, but it also gives an idea of what the horror of Annabelle will be like. Similar to the first trailer of The Conjuring, this teaser does a fantastic job at creating a scary atmosphere for viewers. It uses a silence to create the right tension and allows the imagery to provide the horror aspect for Annabelle. It may seem like the film, and the trailer, are trying to capture the magic of its 2013 predecessor; but it seems that Annabelle is using the right elements from The Conjuring to make for a scary time at the movies this October.

What do you think of the new trailer? Did you find it creepy? Express your opinion in the comment section, Annabelle hits theaters on October 3rd.

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