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Anna Zimmerman at the Blue Boutique



Who can combine avante garde cheerleading with a career in fine arts like Anna Zimmerman?  Rah Booty and the Blue Boutique at 517 E. 18th Street currently host her talents; the former at the Paragraph Gallery on March 19th, and the latter hosts her mixed media paintings until April 23rd.

“I began painting as a small child,” Zimmerman says, “my father let me play around with paint in his studio while he was working.”  She went on to the Kansas City Art Institute and graduated in 2006 with a BFA.  “Professors who had an impact on me were Ron Slowinski, Shirley Luke Schnell, Michael Walling, Carl Kurtz, James Brinsfeild, and Warren Rosser.”

Her paintings are like a cool look in a park.  “Nature, natural history, topography, folklore from other cultures…” Zimmerman explains, “A myriad of things inspires me.” Pen, ink, marker, metallic lines, organic shapes, watercolor, and oil paints are currently on showing at the Blue Bouquet.

Zimmerman has been shown around town since her graduation.  “I’ve been included in shows locally at: the Paragraph gallery, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art (staff show), H&R Block Artspace, and the Kansas City Art Institute,” Zimmerman explains.  “I have had two solo shows at Stomping Grounds, in Ames, Iowa.”

Look for her paintings while they are in the Crossroads, or look for her avante garde cheerleading squad at First Fridays, rooting for their favorite shows.


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