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Anna Sentina: pop princess, gorgeous guitarist and a bass slapping beauty?

At just eight years old Anna Sentina, now 19; started playing piano. Little did she and everyone else around her know that she would transform into a bass slapping beauty with the edge of an heavy metal hottie.

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Anna Sentina-House of Blues

With the looks of a pop princess, Sentina spends most of her time posting videos to her YouTube account: Lilchoccaarrier. On here one will find covers ranging anywhere from Metallica to Bruno Mars. Sentina stated that she does write her own songs but is sticking to posting cover songs at the moment to avoid any copyright issues.

Sentina has received thousands of views on her YouTube channel and on one video even has hit a million! “Enter Sandman by Metallica is the video that got a million views. I also have two other videos that are almost there which are, Famous Funky Bass Lines and Get Lucky by Daft Punk” said Sentina.

Sentina grew up in San Diego, California but she was born in Tenerife, Spain. When she was 12 years old she picked up the guitar for the first time. Then at 13 she picked up the bass guitar. Sentina said, “bass is my favorite to play, but piano is probably the one that is closest to my heart.”

Sentina attended 'The School of Rock' In Vista county, California when she was 12. Sentina said about the school, “You are in a group of 15 to 20 people and the kids switch off playing guitar, playing bass and playing piano. It's really good for becoming a well rounded musician. It's actually where I learned bass and I got a lot better at guitar.”

Being part of 'The School of Rock', Sentina was selected to go on a tour not just for one year, but two years in a row. The bassist stated that the school had an “All Stars” group that had select students from each 'School of Rock.' The group of students would then travel to different city's such as, San Diego, Hollywood, San Francisco and Las Vegas. The group would play at top of the notch venues such as, Whiskey a GoGo and the Hard Rock cafe. After a second year of touring Sentina called it quits with the school.

At the same age Sentina also started joining heavy metal bands with her friends. “Metallica is the one band that really got me to start playing.” Sentina continued on to say, “My mom is actually the one who got me into heavy metal, I know that's kind of weird because usually it's the dad who listens to that. But my mom got me to listen to Metallica, Black Sabbath, ACDC; all of that.”

Along with playing in heavy metal bands, Sentina also used to play acoustic shows with one of her friends. “I would play guitar and sing and she would sing. I would arrange cover songs into medleys and totally different arrangements than the original song. We would get really good responses from it but I have not done it in awhile. I think that is something I'm going to get back into” said the bassist.

In 2011 Sentina joined 'Musicians Institute' located in Hollywood, California for their “Summer Shot” program. Here she got to collaborate with other musicians as well as perform on stage with them. Sentina said, “I've been wanting to go back ever since, that was also a really big part that changed me as a musician.” She continued on to say, “I learned how to maintain a group on stage. I was already really experienced with performing on stage at that time, but you're never done learning anything.”

When asked about her social networking sites, Sentina stated that she likes all of them! She receives most of her comments on Facebook and Twitter and always tries to comment everyone back. “I'm really thankful to all of my supporters and everything. I know that a lot of people get put down for having a lot of views, there are a lot of haters out there. Going on my Facebook and Twitter actually puts me in a really good mood” said Sentina.

The bassist receives a wide variety of comments on all of her social networking sites. The comments range anywhere from constructive criticism, to hate, to compliments; she even has people asking for her hand in marriage! Sentina said on this topic, “I think it's really funny and cute it does not bother me at all.”

Although Sentina has a lot of supporting fans, just like everyone else who is trying to make it or has made it; there are still going to be a hater or two out there. The bassist said, “I think that most of the people that watch my videos are there to be supportive. I haven't gotten anything too bad. There's always a few exceptions where people say really messed up things. Like, I got this one comment where a girl told me to go eat a sandwich because she thought I was too skinny.”

Sentina also declared that she filters out the negative comments on her YouTube channel. She stated, “I like to keep things all positive really, in all senses of the term...if I get any negative comments I usually try to filter them out, not because of an insecurity issue but because I don't like having any negative comments on my things.” She then continued on to say, “people really need to learn that their words are important to other people. I know people say actions are louder than words; and that's true in a sense. But just like saying something nice to someone can make their day, saying something rude to another person could ruin their day.”

Although the gorgeous guitarist is not in a band right now she states that if the opportunity arises she will not turn it down if she feels that it is beneficial to her career. Sentina would like to hook up with an artist who already has their name out there such as, Justin Timberlake, CeeLo Green or Beyonce.
But for now she says that sticking to her solo YouTube career is okay with her.

Also, the bassist does take requests so if one would like to see her perform something special, let her know! “I try to do request, especially if there is more than one request for a song. Those Bruno Mars songs I covered I got a lot of requests for; his songs are out of the normal type of music I perform” said Sentina.

Being a female heavy metal guitarist, let alone a female guitarist in general is not easy. Sentina comforts her fans in saying, “If you want it, go for it and you'll get it...I've had to deal with the issue of all the sexist comments...everything that you want that is worth having is not going to be an easy road.”

Sentina plans on continuing her music through her YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages. Make sure to follow up with her on show dates, an upcoming website and possibly upcoming original music.

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