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Anna Kournikova won two Grand Slam tennis titles at Australian Open (20 Photos)

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Did you know that there is a hand in Texas holdem poker known as a Anna Kournikova? It is having the ace and the king as your hole cards, and it is called a Anna Kournikova because it looks great but seldom wins.

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Did you also know, though, that tennis star Anna Kournikova, despite her reputation, actually won two Grand Slam tennis titles in her career? That is true, and Anna Kournikova won both of her Grand Slam tennis titles at the Australian Open.

Anna Kournikova won two Grand Slam tennis titles at Australian Open (20 Photos)

In both 1999 and 2002, Anna Kournikova teamed up with Martina Hingis to win the women's doubles title at the Australian Open. The idea that a tennis player who won two Grand Slam tennis titles never wins is absurd.

In addition to winning two Grand Slam doubles titles, Anna Kournikova also won 16 doubles titles on the women's tennis tour. In 1999, Anna Kournikova finished the year as the #1 ranked women's doubles player in the world. Anna's career record in doubles play is 200-71, while her career record in singles play is 209-129.

Anna Kournikova burst onto the tennis scene as a teenager back in the 1990s. She is an incredibly good looking woman (see photos), and that, combined with her success as a young teen, catapulted her into the limelight in tennis.

In 1997, at the age of 16, Anna Kournikova became the second youngest woman to ever reach the semifinals at Wimbledon in singles play, where she lost to champion Martin Hingis. The semifinal appearance was the farthest Anna Kournikova would ever reach in singles play at a Grand Slam tournament. Anna reached the quarters at the Australian Open in singles, and never got past the fourth round at either the U.S. Open or the French Open.

Her lack of success in singles play at the Grand Slam tournaments ended up getting Anna Kournikova a reputation as a spectacular looking woman (see photos) who could not win in tennis. Despite the reputation, Anna Kournikova became a celebrity, starring in ads, TV shows, and movies.

In 2004, Anna Kournikova was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She has also appeared in FHM and Maxim, usually in a bikini or bathing suit. In 2011, long after she retired from tennis, Anna Kournikova was named the 29th woman on the 100 Hottest Women of All-Time list by Men's Health.

Due to her success in doubles play, including winning two Grand Slam tennis titles at the Australian Open, Anna Kournikova does not deserve the reputation of a player who seldom won in tennis. All the photos in the accompanying slideshow are of Anna Kournikova at the Australian Open. Hope you enjoy the photos.