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Anna Kendrick in 'Non-Super Bowl' ad; Newcastle beer offers funny spin (video)

Anna Kendrick might like Newcastle Brown Ale, but her latest “Non-Super Bowl” commercial definitely has the fans laughing. Based on the premise that Anna Kendrick was going to be in a Super Bowl ad by the beer company, but there were complication, the star sits in the chair of a dressing room talking trash about the situation. According to Bleacher Report on Friday, the commercial probably won’t air on Super Bowl Sunday as it costs close to 20 million to get a spot. However, viewers won’t have an issue with that because it is going viral.

The hilarious part of this commercial is that Anna Kendrick is bleeped for saying Super Bowl. The actress does give her point, but every time the tone comes on the cover the name of the big NFL event it’s super funny. Expressing her disappointment about the situation, the star appears to be annoyed at getting called off at the last minute, but at the end of the commercial people find out that the beer company was behind the ad the entire time.

As the competition for Super Bowl commercials gets fierce, the creative endeavors like Newcastle Brown Ale offers a spin on ads that aren’t part of the big day, but just as intriguing. Plus who wouldn’t want to see a diva start complain like this? The “Pitch Perfect” actress gives a performance to remember and she is acting like an actress.

Take a look at the video clip of Anna Kendrick in her “Non-Super Bowl” ad.

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