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Ann Hathaway's near drowning event ends as husband sucks toxins out of her toe?

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Ann Hathaway was carried away in a riptide while swimming in Hawaii and almost drowned. She was yelling for help as she was carried further out to sea and she kept going under, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Friday morning Jan. 10.

A photographer caught pictures of her ordeal and Hathaway was beyond frightened, which was demonstrated by the look on her face. It was a surfer who heard her screams and rescued Hathaway.

According to TMZ, Hathaway was given mouth to mouth resuscitation. She also had cut her foot on a reef on the way into shore and the blood was pouring out of the cut. Her husband grabbed her foot and started sucking on her big toe where the puncture was located.

Hathaway’s husband Adam Shulman looked extremely strange sucking on his wife’s big toe in the middle of the beach if you did not know the precursor to this toe sucking event. TMZ suggests Shulman “pulled a Quentin Tarantino, sucking possible toxins out of her toe.”

Hathaway, although limping, was seen up and around on the beach later in the day. She seemed fine according to eyewitnesses.

“Fox and Friends” had fun with the fact the photographer continued to snap pictures of Hathaway as she was getting more desperate for help in the water. Instead of putting the camera down and jumping in to save her, the photographer kept clicking away for the money shots.

This photographer could have had the last known pictures of Hathaway if this rescue did not happen. In all fairness to the unknown photographer, it is not known if he was on the beach or a mile away with a telescopic lens.