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Ann Coulter, Michael Savage Hate Soccer: Why?

Is Soccer too foreign for Coulter?
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Yesterday, Ann Coulter posted a story called, "America's Favorite National Pastime: Hating Soccer" in which she says "Any growing interest in soccer can only be a sign of the nation's moral decay".

Today, radio host Michael Savage brought up the World Cup and pointed out how it is a South American/European game. The only reason we are hearing about it so much is a direct result of all the Spanish speaking illegal immigrants in America.

Ahem, Michael... Association Football, aka. soccer, was invented in England.

Micheal went on to say, nobody is talking about or watching the World Cup. No one your age, as I hypothesized Dr. Savage.

I point out these two, recent examples as proof of the illogical angst against Soccer.

Leading up to the World Cup, in a previous story I did, I posed the question; Why do so many Americans hate Soccer? Why does soccer have the connotation of being un-American, boring and a Communist game? Last I checked, the Chicago Blackhawks play a foreign game, that was also a favorite of the Communist regime called Ice Hockey. It was created in the foreign nation of Canada. Why no illogical hate of that sport?

As I theorized in How America Fell Behind, a lot of that hate was cultivated during the Red Scare and the Cold War.

It was interesting to see many readers on Linkedin, Facebook and through emails to me, state that Americans don't hate soccer, and that they see a lot of acceptance of the sport.

Those readers are correct, there is a lot of positive support for the USMNT, US Soccer and the World Cup as of late, notably seen in Grant Park. However, a lot of that support comes from millennials and those tapped into social media.

The older generation, still brainwashed by the Red Scare's hatred of all things foreign, still buys into this ridiculous crusade against the World's most popular sport. As Ms. Coulter stated, they see the increasing popularity of Soccer as an indicator of a change in the American landscape.

Despite what some in the media say, Soccer has grown exponentially in the past couple decades thanks to an increase in TV programming showing soccer matches. Americans, despite what they were told for so many years, are realizing that soccer is exciting and not as boring as what the scoreline suggests.

As I've said to some readers, the Cold War is over; it's safe to like soccer.

And if you don't like it, don't feel compelled to bash it, because if you do, it does come off as xenophobic and rooted in The Red Scare.

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