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Ann Coulter: DREAMers should be treated like rapists and murderers

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In a February 13th, 2014 column for the conspiracy theory dumping ground that is WorldNetDaily, the self-described polemicist Ann Coulter once again lashes out at any possible suggestion that non-Caucasians also be treated like real human beings, declaring that America "won't exist anymore" due to "the current state of immigration."

Coulter shares in the popular far-right belief that immigration reform will destroy the G.O.P. and, by extension, America, because only "real Americans" vote Republican.

As usual, Coulter goes out of her way to express these ideas in as offensive a way as she is capable of conceiving.

"Americans are under no moral obligation to admit huge numbers of people who have no particular right to be here just because the Democrats need 30 million new voters," she writes.

"Why shouldn't Republicans oppose mass immigration on the grounds that immigrants will vote Democratic? The only reason the Democrats want mass immigration is because they know immigrants will vote Democratic. (Also for the cheap nannies and gardeners.)

"Immigration is the 'single issue' that decides every other issue. If this country were the same demographically today as it was in 1980, Romney would have won a bigger victory in 2012 than Reagan did against Carter. And we wouldn't have to hear about soccer all the time."

Then because that wasn't offensive enough, Coulter also lashes out at proponents of the DREAM act, insisting that their arguments would also protect rapists and murders.

"If we have to excuse lawbreaking so as not to 'punish the children,' there’s no end to the crimes that have to be forgiven – insider trading, theft, rape, murder and so on," she writes.

"How do you think kids feel when their father has to 'live in the shadows' because he committed a rape? The kids did nothing wrong, but they have to go to bed every night wondering: Is tomorrow the day Dad is going to be caught?"

Coulter is once again banking her entire argument, not only on her entire audience being as equally bankrupt of morality as she has willed herself to become, but on everyone conveniently forgetting two key points.

  1. When rapists, theives and murderers gets caught, their kids don't go to prison along with them.
  2. Legally, undocumented immigration is treated as a misdemeanor.

So if Ann Coulter is going to insist that undocumented immigrants be treated no differently than rapists and murderers, she can at least be consistent and insist that jaywalkers, litterers and unlicensed hotdog vendors be treated no differently as well.

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