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Ann Coulter Bring Back Our Girls: Sensitivity meter for Coulter is low

Ann Coulter mocked the "Bring Back Our Girls" sign that First Lady Michelle Obama was displaying, expressing her sorrow for the 300 kidnapped Nigerian girls. Coulter thought she would poke fun at the First Lady's stance by making her own political statement, which was done in poor taste.

A May 13 EOnline report began its article by writing "Comedy is not Ann Coulter's forte." What an understatement that is. One of the worst and most unimaginable global crimes against children just took place and the conservative commentator uses that to spin her own angle about how the nation is run.

Ann Coulter didn't hold a sign reading "Bring Back Our Girls," she held one reading, "Bring Back Our Country" with a fake sorrowful look -- obviously imitating Michelle Obama's serious message.

"My hashtag contribution to world affairs..." Coulter tweeted

She added: "I'm a miserable person who peddles hate to make money off dumb republicans."

#BringBackOurGirls then turned into #BringBackOurCountry by Coulter. As Kansas City Star and several other online reports have let readers know, the political pundit's plan sorely backfired. Her mocking campaign was retweeted over 2,000 times and had memes attached to Coulter's sign. She didn't realize she would make herself alone humorous in a sick kind of way! Basically, her message was ignored and not well received due to the nature of it.

Many understand realize Republicans aren't happy with the way Obama is running the show, but in an instance like this involving innocent children, all sides should come together. For Ann Coulter to mock the "Bring Back Our Girls" sign that the First Lady posted, it shows her sensitivity meter as being quite low.

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