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Ann Coulter and Others

Ann Coulter
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Oh Ann. This column feels your pain. Here you are an aging, talentless harridan who needs to buy hair dye in bulk. What’s a gal to do?

Why, say outrageous things. Logic and reason? Pshaw. Any shred of human kindness or appreciation for diversity? That is for the talented.

You probably don’t believe half of what you are spewing. But you must be heard above the din of the conservative pundit crowd.

So you denigrate soccer and the World Cup. For those of you lucky enough to have missed this stupid screed and want to be nauseated, click through. All this column will say is that there is a reason young children usually begin their athletic journeys with soccer.

White, American mothers put little Tyler and/or Logan into peewee teams.There is no dangerous equipment so thus young Megyn or shudder Jose, isn’t hit in the head with a baseball bat. Weight disparities don’t matter, but is an important issue for football on all levels. In soccer, kids get to run, and try to make goals. And yes, they learn, often on co-ed teams, to work together.

There is no “I” in team but apparently the vowel is front and center in idiot.

Oh Ann, really. If you did not say such drivel and snot, you would be asking if the customer wanted fries with that.

So many immoral folks. So little time.

Jenny McCarthy, this column will deal with you soon. So glad you were fired. Use the down time to get your son up to date on his vaccinations.

But today the focus has to shift to Mike Rowe. The blue-collar hero. The man who likes getting his hands dirty.

You know Mike, you would epitomize working America so much better if you weren’t a whor…. Oops a shill for Wal-Mart.

But we digress. Back to the story at hand. Mike was buying some booze. While waiting in line, he saw a picture on the wall of the store identifying someone as a shoplifter A lawyer in the same queue said hanging such a sign was illegal. You know the whole trial thing set forth in the Constitution.

Oh no Mike Rowe says. The man is on videotape. All of a sudden Mr. Blue Collar is an attorney. Because in our long history of jurisprudence, there have never been mistakes made, especially inre minorities in the search for justice. And evidence that seemed ironclad was not.

Innocent men and women have languished in jail and been put to death. But Mike Rowe, armed with a blurry video image is on the case.

Here’s an idea. If you want to discuss legal theft and immoral actions- how about the wages Wal-Mart pays and the reliance of a majority of their workers on government subsidies. Or the fact that this behemoth doesn’t care about the working conditions of their suppliers. As in brown people across the world housed in a firetrap while creating the crap that is ultimately sold. Okay merchandise but the reality of firetrap remains.

But we digress. Again. Everyone should be innocent until proven guilty. And Mike Rowe’s opinion doesn’t really matter.

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