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Ann B. Davis dies: Alice of 'The Brady Bunch' passes away

The beloved Alice from "The Brady Bunch" has died.
The beloved Alice from "The Brady Bunch" has died.

In some very sad news on Sunday, June 1, 2014, Ann B. Davis has passed away. Known primarily as the beloved housekeeper on the hit show "The Brady Bunch," Davis suffered a fall over the weekend and ended up dying, according to TMZ.

Ann B. Davis was 88-years-old.

Davis lived with a couple in a home in Texas and it is being reported that she fell in her bathroom early on Sunday morning and ending up hitting her head.

The fall in her bathroom caused severe damage to her head and she was said to have never regained consciousness.

Her roommate stated that Davis was very healthy for her age of 88, and that her death was a complete and total shock. On Saturday evening, her roommate said that Davis walked downstairs and told her good night before retiring to bed.

Davis had a very lengthy career in television and movies, but she will always be famously known for the role of Alice Nelson, the housekeeper on "The Brady Bunch." She was in that role for the entire original run of the show from 1969 until 1974.

Davis did play the role of Alice again in TV movies, the new feature-film remake movies of "The Brady Bunch," and a small handful of episodes of "The Bradys" in 1990.

A funeral is being planned for Ann B. Davis by members of her Texas church.

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