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Ann B. Davis dead at age of 88: Alice from 'The Brady Bunch' passes away

Ann B. Davis
Ann B. Davis
The Brady Bunch on Facebook

Fans of "The Brady Bunch" are shocked to hear the news today that Ann B. Davis has passed away. She is best known for playing the beloved maid Alice that worked for the family on this popular sitcom. On Sunday, TV Line shared the news about her passing today. She was 88-years-old at her time of death.

Reports are that Ann took a nasty fall in the bathroom. She slipped and fell down but in the process hit her head. Ann suffered a subdural hematoma and never regained consciousness. A family friend is the one sharing this news with the media at this time. It is sad that she passed away after this fall that happened this morning.

Ann B. Davis is known by fans as her role as Alice. She played the character on the show, movies, and more. Everyone couldn't help but love her and knows that her character was the glue that held this family together. It was an odd situation and she knew how to make it all work with that many people in the home. It was a great role in television history.

TMZ shared that she was living in Texas. Ann was in good health and even walked downstairs last night to tell everyone good night. She was very close to the members of her church in Texas. At this time, funeral plans are still be working on it. She will be having a service but no news is out about when or where it will be at yet.

The cast of "The Brady Bunch" has not started to speak out yet. You can expect them to all start sharing their thoughts on Ann as the day goes on. Nobody has ever had a bad thing to say about this actress who played Alice on the show for so many years. She will be greatly missed by many.